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Pregnant Stray??

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Hello everyone, My husband brough an adorable stray cat home last night that they have been feeding for a few days now at the police station. We have posted found signs up in the local neighborhoods, as it is very friendly and affectionate towards everyone, so hopefully she has a home that misses her.

She has been eating like crazy, but I'm not sure how much is from being alone outside for a few days without food or what? Her nipples are hard and stick out like small grains of rice, and there is a small bald ring around the back 4 nipples. We had male cats growing up, so I'm not sure what the "undercarraige" of a female cat should look like, but if she is pregnant is there any special care that she may need until we either find her owner or bring to to the vet if we decide to keep her?

I have attached a photo of her belly to get your valued oppinions.
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actually it looks like she may have JUST HAD a litter. Have you looked around the area she was found to make sure there are no babies there? She doesn't look pregnant now though to me.
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Thank you so much for your lightning fast reply! You can't really tell from this picture, but she is long and really skinny. She looks like a "teen" cat, I'm guessing 10 months?

Her belly is not large at all, and her nipples are no more than a tiny 1/4 inch, so I can't immagine she just had kittens. I just couln't remember a cats nipples sticking out and hard like this so I thought I'd check to make sure I was covering all of the foster care basics.

Thanks again!
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Honestly, with the way the area around her nipples looks, it looks like her milk has come in which means she just had or is ready to have kittens. Did anyone around the station notice little ones anywhere?

Someone with more experience than I have will be along soon! You are so sweet to take her in
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Welcome to TCS!!!

I agree that it looks like she just had kittens. It is possible she just lost them....but if she showed up at the police station, she may have come out looking for food & then been returning to her kittens. I would suggest looking around for the kittens, you never know....& better safe than sorry. Or else get her vet checked tomorrow to see what a vet thinks.
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When cat are about to give birth they clear the hair away from their nipples so the babies can nurse. They do not do this until they are VERY close. Because she is not fat we have said she must have just had them. She is old enough to have them and a female un-spayed cat outside is going to get pregnant at some point so the chances are she is or was. It's great that you took her in, try to find the kittens around where you found her. I hope you do before it's too late.
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Yes i also was thinking that she had kittens, and possibly four if the hair is gone. Because she doesnt look pregnant. Can you feel anymilk? Or get any milk to come out?
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