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The tub....

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We are intrigued by Ashley's personality...it just never fails to be entertaining. One of the things she is most fascinated with is the tub in the bathroom. In my apartment, she used to lie in the tub, but that was understandable because I did not have central air and it was roasting hot in there in the summer. NOWWW...we have the house and the house has central air, but let's be honest...it is now averaging 20 degrees outside. If you can't find the cat, pull back the shower curtain and look in the tub. She will sit there...just sit there! I mean...for like 30 mins or so at a shot! Sometimes she will sit by the faucet and be facing it...other times she will just be anywhere in it sitting there. It is harmless, but at the same time, just WEIRD and we are wondering if anyone else has cats like this????!!!
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Miss Arizona is also fascinated by the tub. She will go in there and lie on her back and meditate for hours. She also likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, and prefers her water from the faucet.
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Spidey has a tub fetish too. You'd think because it is cool, but then it's cold in the house now so I don't get it. He likes to watch you bathe or shower, and will swat your toes while you bathe. He loves to sit in the tub, and sometimes rolls around like crazy in there. He'll even sit in there and let it fill up on him unless you shoo him out (personally I don't care for bathing with my cat LOL). And he loves to jump in and watch it drain. I don't know what the deal is, but I sure would love to ask him!
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Fitzy likes the tub but not as much as the Laundry Basket. I have one of those canvas bags on the wooden frame that's really tall. Fitzy likes to jump in it and just sit or lay at the bottom, with or without dirty clothes in it. At first I thought he was stuck but he actually gets mad when I pull him out. One day I caught him jumping back out when it was empty so I know he's not stuck. He's just a weirdo. I now know, if it's a little too quiet, to search the laundry bag first before I tear the apartment up looking for the little stinker.
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My tom likes to jump into the tub after you take a shower and bat at the drips that fall from the showerhead.

Sometimes, when the water is draining slowly, he leaps in there and finds himself knee deep. Boy, can he beat a splashy path out of there then.

He also jumps out if the water hits him in the face when he is looking up at the showerhead.
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Russell loves the tub and shower....it doesn't matter how cold it is. He'll sit there and meow or curl up and sleep....and if there's water....he'll play with it...drink it....splash it all about....

And with Esper...it's like a whole new galaxy and it's her to explore....spends hours at a time in there....I wish I knew why it was so intersting....

But a rattle of a mouse brings them both out.

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My cat Bailey is a tub lover too. He likes water as well - he plays in the tub when he is wild and energetic. I don't think it's necessarily bad though, right?
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No I don;t think it;s a bad thing , just wierd!I don't know what he will do if he evers fall's in to a full tub,I have a large,deep garden tub.
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Ummm.... I think Cooper see something she likes:

Oh Yeah.... She like the tub:
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In my old apartment my cats would sit on the side of the tub and watch me shower, and when I would get out they would get in and try to drink the extra water, so rinsing was important.

Also, I had a shower liner and a shower curtain, and one would get in between and the other cat on the outside would knock her into the tub. So, I wound up jumping out of the shower like a mad woman trying to catch the wet cat to towel dry her. *grin*

My new apartment has sliding glass doors, so kitty's can't get in anymore.
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I am currently renovating my house and we just installed a glass corner shower stall. Nakita has fun trying to catch the "racing water drops". When I'm finished taking my shower, she'll go sit in there and listen to the leftover water drip through the drain.
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We once conducted an experiment to see how far my cat Bailey would go into the water and he lasted until it was almost covering the whole bottom of the garden tub and then he got nervous and jumped out. I don't think they would jump into a full tub! The pictures are very cute!
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