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Iams Weight Management?

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On the flip side of Angel not eating, I have Ashley who will eat to EAT. She literally knows the word "EAT" when you say it in a normal voice. I wouldn't say she is as heavy as some cats I have seen, but she does have a little belly and could stand to drop a pound or two. We have had her on Iams Weight Management, but the vet told me that only helps to maintain her weight and not really an aid to lose weight.

Can anyone recommend a good product that might help her? I thought I had the one, but I guess I don't I don't want her to get health issues from her weight.
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Don't free feed her. Only feed her the CORRECT amount 2x daily. And nothing more. Except maybe an occasional vitamin treat

Depending on the food, and cat, SOME cats need a whole cup of food per feeding to maintain a good healthy weight, others need such a small amount that it's a wonder their not all skin and bones!

My Isha, has to eat about 2+ cups of food before she will start to put any normal weight on.
Asim and Tage however, have enough that it barely covers the bottom of their bowls, I could probably count out 20ish peices and that is their meal, and they are fit, or will be soon, I'm getting them down from a little bit of pudginess. ;0)

I don't typically recommend weight/lite diets for cats, because the protien source of meat is often taken away and replaced with more empty veggitables like corn, or a rice product. Look for a food with a lower fat content, feed appropriatly, and exercize.
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