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this ought to be a blast

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So, it's my birthday on Wednesday. Guess who calls today saying they want to take me out to eat tonight? Ya, you guessed it..... my parents (sorry, my dad). This ought to be one fun time I know they have some ulterior motive, and I have not figured it out yet. Just having them ask me to go out to eat, makes me feel sick. They never called last year. Just thinking about it is making me feel sick. Oh, and they want to pick me up which is even greater. I'd rather meet them.
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ut oh. alterior motives you say? hmmmmmm... maybe you SHOULD take your own car and that way if they make you mad you can just leave.
BTW: happy birthday early. what are you now? 18? 21? ya 21 tops, I knew it! kisses from me to you always! :laughing:
I'm just messing with you! I hope that this goes better then you are expecting and that they will finally give you the apology you deserve. <(just in case)
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Well, i cant take my own car they are picking me up. When I mentioned where I wanted to go, he sounded irritated and told me where they were going to take me. You see ...... this is my point: it's my b-day dinner & I should be able to go where I want to, but no. SO, I will go. I mentioned it about me following them, and he thought it was a dumb idea, or that is how he sounded. They were gonna take me to the Claim Jumper, but there is this one new restaurant that just opened by my house called the Elephant Bar, which I heard is really good. It's supposed to be like the Cheesecake Factory, but priced better.
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Mate, good luck tonight. You might have to tell yourself beforehand that whatever happens, whaever they say or do, it's not worth getting worked up about. You've been dealing with this for a long time now and maybe you can imagine a box in your mind where, every time they do something that annoys or upsets you, imagine that thing is an old golf ball. 'Throw' it hard into the box and put the lid back on. I'm not saying, bottle it up, just toss it away, like something you don't need. When you get home, 'empty' the box into the trash or the fire, pour out all the golf balls until the box is empty. That way, you can be with/near them and not end up feeling like you've been through a verbal boxing match. It might just save your sanity.

Let us know how it goes.
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So how did it go tonight? Hope it went well! And in case I'm not online Wednesday...Happy Birthday!!!
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Thanks, Debby!
It was ok, but awkward and weird at the same time, ya know? Oh well. It's over now. They gave me a cute snowman candle decoration, and $50.00.
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Wow that is great!!! I'm glad it didn't go badly...even though it was ackward at least you got $50 out of it!
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Sorry I wasn't on to see how it went. I'm glad though it was ok. I"m surprised that they took the first step and took you out.
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I am glad that it went better then expected!
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