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okay. she has a poochie belly...

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i just read on another post you can't really tell if a kitty is pregnant because she won't show till she's almost ready to deliver. or if she's carrying a lot you can see it sooner....
umm..... my kitty isn't due till roughly july 24th. should i be expecting a 101 dalmations ordeal? she has a poochie belly already she's clearly pregnant. how do i find out, besides going to the vet (she's an abuse case, and best not to have to take her anywhere unless absolutly neccisary. i don't want her stressed)
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All three of my girls were really "showing" at around 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. One cat had 4 kittens and the other two had 5 kittens each. What is your kitties name? I will add her to our "Kitten Watch" thread.
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Everything I've read says that a cat will show around the 5th week of pregnancy.
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I don't know if this is the case with all pregnant cats, but last year, when Bestia was pregnant, she had REALLY bad gas and they made her belly alot more distended than it should have been. I mean, after she gave birth, she still couldn't reach her bottom to clean herself because her tummy was still too big, lol. Poor kitty.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say, is that maybe her stomach is distended because she is having "morning sickness" and the gases are causing her stomach to stick out more than usual.

Look at the bright side, my cat had a gigantic stomch, but only gave birth to 3 kittens. Maybe you'll be so lucky.
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kallli was showing at 3 weeks and she had 7 kittens. i think it varies from cat to cat
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whoo don't i know she has some gas. she'll stink us out. LOL. i just got freaked out for a minute. i just read that someone said that cats don't show till the last weeks of pregnancy.

but she's getting poochie. i can't feel anything yet. i'm scared to really press i don't want her to smack me ( she was abused at her last home and still a little touchy feely with somethings)
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LOL! Yeah, when Bestia was preggers she would stink bomb hubby and I out of the house(literally!). Heehee.

Quick question: when was the last time she was dewormed? Does she ever go outside?

I ask because sometimes, when cats have worms(which most do) they get a poochie belly. My kitten, Binx, had a poochie belly when we got him and it turned out just ebing worms. After a little bit of deworming he had a normal belly again.
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i dewormed her almost a week before my males jumped her bones. she hasn't shown any other signs of tapeworms so, i'm hoping it stays that way. that is something i won't do with 7 cats at once again. just imagine 7 cats with the runs!!! that made my house smell nice. especially since my baby kittens couldn't figure out that gurgily tummy means RUN to the litterbox!!!

one of my males had really bad back problems with the tapeworms and when i dewormed him, it helped him out. he looked like a ferret walking around. so when i saw the "butt rice" i get worm med.

I know my black kitty is pregnant though. between the 12+ times she got mated, plus the farting, morning sickness, and mood swings, i don't think there is much doubt. but yeah, she was wormed right before

and she stays inside
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