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Bald Patch/Scrape

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About an hour ago, I noticed a patch of fur on the back of Willow's neck is missing. It's a large circular patch that looks like a scrape... there's blood, but it isn't bleeding, just looks red and wet. We've found bits of fur with blood on it on the ground. I'm pretty certain it wasn't there early yesterday, but it might've been in the evening when she had her collar on...

She has been with us constantly since yesterday, including when we were sleeping, so I can't think of what it could possibly be from. I'm pretty sure she didn't scrape it on something, it looks like the fur just fell out. She scratches at her neck every now and then, but otherwise it's not bugging her.

She had her spay surgery three weeks ago, same time they put the microchip in. Come to think of it, the patch is exactly where the chip should be, but I've never heard of a reaction to a microchip... also, I figured a reaction would happen sooner if it was a reaction...

Regardless, she has a vet appointment for tomorrow afternoon (soonest we could get). Just wondering if anyone has an idea of what it might be from? Or suggestions for taking care of the patch until then?

I just hope her fur grows back!
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Sorry, I don't know much about skin issues. Good luck at the vet, please keep us updated
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