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What's your cat's breed?

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Hey ~

Post your kitty's breed! (moggies welcome, too) ~

My Renji's pure ragdoll ~ Kiba
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Spaz is Norwegian Forest Cat
Vash, Trouble, Shadow, Cassi and Ivory are all moggies.
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Hello - well all my 4 cats, Dino, Pepsi, Miss Moofi and Teddy are domestics
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PHX is a lynx point siamese mix
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Both are DSH, but Aristotle is half Turkish Angora.
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My boys are both DSH's
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Miagi is a DSH brown tabby

Tiger is a DSH brown tabby/bengal mix
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Both of my boys are Birmans!

Chay is a chocolate lynx point, and Billy is a lilac point.
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Zoey is a red and white tabby/ suspected begal cross
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Kahn (resident but not mine)... Rosetted Bengal

Joyeux, brown/black marbled Bengal

Noel, DSH (mitted? still working this part out) Brown and black mackeral tabby with white.

Pogue, Champagne point Tonkinese

Bagheera, warm bronze Egyptian Mau, who narrowly escaped being the "murdered" mau this weekend. She's the one in my avatar.
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Both Linus and Sassy are Domestics. Linus s a Domestic Short-hair, and I guess you would have to call Sassy a Domestic Long-Hair.
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Mine are all DSH's - solid black (Katie), black/white (Gracie), gray/white (Peter) and solid white (Claire).
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Charlie's a purebred chocolate spotted Ocicat.

Ling's a mixed breed (maybe some kind of oriental in the backgroud) - product of the last litter of barn cats before everyone was finally spayed/neutered

I've owned both mixed and pedigree all my life -the other pedigrees were Russian Blue, Turkish Angora, and Cornish Rex.
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Originally Posted by Kibasgirl View Post
Hey ~

Post your kitty's breed! (moggies welcome, too) ~

My Renji's pure ragdoll ~ Kiba
Persi is a Persian! That is his breed. Himalayan is his color or so says his CFA registration.

Alley is a moggie from the alley in West L.A. of Calico color. I have seen it mentioned that a Calico cat was a breed but I do not think so. Whatever breed they are, I love them.
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Jasmine is a torti-point siamese

Kojak is a black/white (tuxedo) - dsh

Velvet is a black dsh

Isabella is an odd-eyed Turkish Angora

I have two moggies and two purebreeds - all rescued and all spoiled rotten

little Fancy, my foster kitten is a gorgeous dilute tortishell (dlh)
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jazzy was a calico dsh, charlie is a white dsh, cleo is a gray meckerel tabby dsh and timmy is what looks like to be a blue tabby dsh(he is about charlies age and as he has fiv he added some white spots, it is hard to tell the markings)
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I got 1 domestic long hair - color tortoiseshell
1 domestic short hair - color black/white

and my dog is pomeranian/chihuahua
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All DSH.
Gracie is orange, Annabelle is a Tortie and Elliott is pure white.
Lizzie was orange and white.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
My boys are both DSH's
Aww! I love that smiley!!!
Mine are all DSH, Moggies, Domestices, whatever you wanna call them! I call them mutts! No breeds for me.
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Nikita is a brown spotted Bengal. I love the wilder looking tabbies (no matter the breed or exact tabby pattern, i.e I love marble bengals, classic tabbies, mctabbies, ticked and spotted of course)
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Both are DSH's.
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Radar is Cornish Rex x DSH cross (known parentage), and Sonic is a blue Oriental Shorthair.
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Calico is NOT a breed - its a color only.

And the proper term for the "tuxedo" cats is Bicolor - which is also a color not a breed
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Dylan Ishmael is a DSH (blue mackeral tabby), and he may have some Siamese in him -- very triangular head, long and lanky, deep and mournful meow.

Sassy Lane is a Maine Coon mix (calitortie with lots of black). She has the sturdy build and the intense devotion that I understand are very Maine Coony.

Clyde Lee is a DSH (bicolor, white with black), and I suspect he may also have Siamese in his background -- large, long-legged, very finely chiseled muzzle, and extremely talkative.

Pearl Noelle is a DMH (blue and lilac with very subtle tabby markings), and I suspect she is part Van, because she likes to sprawl absolutely flat with back legs straight out behind her, as I'm told Vans do. She's also a fearless and unstoppable climber.

Abby Helen is a DSH (bicolor, white with black). She is Clyde's mom, and her coloring is identical -- but she's built smaller and rounder and girlier.

St. John Dundee is a DMH (red tabby with white), and although I'm told it's extremely unlikely, he looks for all the world like he's part Somali -- he has a fabulous fluffy foxtail that would do any Somali proud.
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Two wild and snuggly cornish rex boys. One laid back tabby boy. One nervous tabby boy and my precious calico girly girl.

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Tedi, Luna and Maya are all Persians. Lexi is DSH.
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Two DLH and two DSH
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well lets see

Willie, a Maine Coon orange
Midnight, a DSH black and white
Bella, a DSH calico of course
Stormie, cymric I think is how its spelled (a long haired manx) a whole bunch of colors
Blue- DSH blue
Tessa- seal point siamese
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Stoli -- Russian Blue
Luxor - Egyptian Mau
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Blue-cream Himalayan-Sophia
Cream Persian-Severino
Brown Tabby DSH-Joey
Shaded Golden Tabby, Doll-faced persian-Lucia Bella
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