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Anyone feed their cat Friskies canned food?

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I bought a few cans of Friskies wet food for kittens at PetCo, and I could barely read the label of ingredients....So, has anyone had any experience with this brand? Do you cats like it & is it good for them? ~ Kiba
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Nope, won't feed it. I fed a similar product (whiskas) before I knew anything about feline nutrition, but that was some time ago. Once we learned what all that junk REALLY has in it, there was no looking back.

Friskies is a very poor quality food. The ingredients are mostly fillers and low quality protein sources. Pretty much any food that you can buy in the grocery store/wal-mart/etc. is going to be not worth buying. PetCo has some good foods I hear, but since I've never been to one, I can't tell you what they are. Perhaps someone will be along soon to help.
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NO I did many many yrs ago feed that but no I wont now///


look at


Natural balence

Ultramix( when it comes back)

Solid Gold


decent choices

meow mix pouches and tubs

sheba in the gold tub

some Iams
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I give my guys Friskies canned. They also get the premium food of Royal Canin. I just read the labels and don't get any of the kind with wheat gluten. My guys are healthy, happy, shiny coats, no problems.

If you also feed a premium quality dry food, then you don't have to also feed the expensive canned foods.

BTW I've fed Friskies for a long time (on and off) to my cats and none of them had health problems. This was both pedigree and mixed breeds.
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Blehhh no way!
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My 5 split a small can of Friskies every morning, more as a treat than anything else. I wouldn't feed it to them exclusively, but they like it and, while I know it's not the best quality, I figure that little bit every day is ok.
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i have fed ALOT of cats friskies wet over the years with good results. as far as ingrediants go to and then look under feeding. mine love their wet and a premium brand is not in the budget for the amount of cats i am feeding(they do get a decent dry-royal canin now have found a place that has the big bags in stock on a regular basis so switched from science diet)
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i feed friskies in gravy for the cats' breakfast. they split a can 3 ways. they like it and are doing well. they get nutro natural senior for their dry food.

we've tried a lot of the super premium canned foods, and the guys don't like them. we always come back to friskies and fancy feast. i do suggest if you can afford it to try some of the other foods out there that others have suggested. the grocery store and petsmart have better prices on friskies than petco does if you decide to stick with friskies.
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gross...I'll be honest, if it's on the shelf in a Wal Mart or grocery store, I won't feed it to my cats and dogs. If price is an issue, try Chicken Soup. I can find the 6 oz. cans around here for anywhere from 69 to 89 cents. There are better ones though...California Natural, Innova, EVO, and Felidae are the ones I rotate through. If you have a Petco I like Natural Balance too.
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I would not feed my girls Friskies. I look at the ingredients at canned food (and dry food) and will not feed them anything full of fillers and unnatural stuff. Just like I look at the ingredients at what I eat and won't buy things full of high fructose corn syrup and other horrible stuff wherever possible.

I but natural and organic for myself as often as possible, and will do the same for my cats.
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Hmm I've fed Precious Friskies canned food before and she likes it very well. She REALLY likes 9 Lives though....I guess I'm not to educated on fillers and such in cat food but my cat is still very fit and not overweight at all. I fill the bowl and she eats until she is full.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I give my guys Friskies canned. They also get the premium food of Royal Canin. I just read the labels and don't get any of the kind with wheat gluten. My guys are healthy, happy, shiny coats, no problems.
Same here. I did have a hard time getting my cats to eat canned a year ago. I just now added the 3 times a day since they will eat about all of it now. I pay 33 cents a can for friskies I just can't pay what they ask for premium canned foods they are more than double the price of friskies. But my cats do get California Natural dry and Eaukanuba dry also.
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I won't feed my cats anything that lists "meat byproduct" as an ingredient, or that has gluten (wheat or otherwise), so no I wouldn't feed Friskies.

I think you can get Meow Mix pouches just as cheap, and it's marginally better. I've never been to a PetCo (none nearby), but PetSmart has the Meow Mix at 39 cents a pouch. A pouch is one meal for my 2 cats (1/2 pouch each). They don't get that more than a couple times a week though, as a treat. And only the flavors without wheat gluten.
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Whiskas is no better then friskies
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~ I buy Friskies pate for my kitty cat farm. So far so good. One of my cats is over 20 ! My Mon had several cats live that long.
I just wonder if the ingredients are the same today as years ago
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I dont know i feed friskies wet,
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