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I've recently found out about a new US Sci Fi show called Firefly. HAs anyone seen it and what's it like?
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I have only seen a few episodes of that show and to be honest, it doesnt really draw me in, but others may like it. This is just my opinion.
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I've been watching, and I like it. It's kind of mix between sci-fi and westerns. I was worried after the first episode, which was so cheesy, but it has improved. It's not great, but it is better than most other shows on, in my opinion.
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I've been watching it and I like it. It is kind of cheesy, but hey - most sci-fi shows are. Unfortunately, like most decent shows on Fox, they have already decided to put it on "hiatus" so basically it's cancelled. Hopefully SciFi Channel will pick it up like they have other series.
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