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My new perspective towards Alley

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When I finally decided I could operate a laser pen without harming my cat's eyes, I got one. The one I have can be rotated to display such items as butterflies, etc. At first, Persi went wild over the pen and Alley just sat back and watched Persi making a fool of himself. But something has happened in the last couple of days. Alley has become completely addicted to the laser pen. But more importantly, after owning 9 cats and as many dogs, I now believe I have proof that cats are a lot more intelligent that I could have ever thought.

Both Persi and Alley know that I have something to do with those strange bugs and objects flying around the house. But Alley sits near me all day long waiting for the light show to begin. When she is not looking directly at me, I display a butterfly on the floor. She immediately looks at ME as the source. I shut the light off as soon as she looks at me and then turn it back on when she looks away. Next, she comes over to where I am, giving me time to hide the pen, and stares right at me. I just watch TV until she looks away and then display the light again at which point she jumps up on to the couch and I swear to you, she examines my hand. I usually have time to hide the pen so I show her my open hand and then she stares into my eyes with a very knowing look.

If I lay the pen down on say the coffee table, she will come over and roll the pen around and I truly think, try to turn the light on. She KNOWS the light is coming from this device and she KNOWS that I can control it.

I have trained Persi to jump up on the grooming table when it is time for his morning combing, but I never knew until buying this laser pen that cats could, for all appearances, REASON.

I just wanted to get on and instead of ranting, do a little raving.
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Zoey knows there is a connection between the pen and the red dot too. She often just stares at the pen, waiting for it to come on.

We are dog-sitting my son's puppy during the day, for the summer. Scally loves the laser pen too. She does the clumsy puppy leap, trying to catch it with both paws. Very funny. Zoey is smooth and tries to anticipate where it will go next.
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I think Bella has figured this out too. She will chase it and then walk over and stand on my feet looking at me. She is the brains in our operation.

Stan doesn't seem to care where it comes from, he just wants to get it!!

My DH decided he would chase the red dot too one day...Stan was all into it, but Bella just gave him that "What's wrong with you?" look.
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Our babies are such clever little things aren't they!!!

I could be upstairs with the laser pen and Sophies downstairs, but if i tap on the pens button several times she knows what it is and comings running upstairs
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My DH swears the two cats hear when he opens the drawer to get the laser out. He can open it any other time and they don't pay attention but they are there when the laser comes are they "reading minds"??????
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I think kitties are smarter than we will ever know some more than others go to the head of the class Alley!!
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Aww of course she is a little genius. It goes along with being named Alley

Just once I would love to be able to read a cat's mind. I bet we would be shocked at the things they do understand and think about
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All Sophia has to hear is that click and she will wake out of a sound sleep...she loves the laser, Lucia does boys not so much
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I wish Stimpy would still play with the laser pointer. Once he figured out I click it on and off, he stopped playing with it.

Alley is a clever girl.
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Skye knows the cool little red light comes from the pen in my hand. She will run up and attempt to attack the pen after awhile.
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Daphne does this, too. Comes right back to my hand as if to say "C'mon, turn it on!" I have the pointer with the butterfly, mouse, dot and other options. Each time I change it, she looks at me funny Seb just doesn't get into the whole laser thing. He will look interested for a bit, then just watch Daphne play.
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Cats are so smart! Of course, I think all animals are, in very different ways; they are equal in their intelligence, just in different areas! I haven't gotten Zoe a laser light yet, but I plan on it next visit to PetCo... I wonder how she'll respond...
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Originally Posted by KuntryKitty View Post
I wonder how she'll respond...
Let us know! It is always so interesting to hear about this. I cannot believe it took me so long to get around to buying one. Mainly, I was afraid I might accidently damage the cat's eyes but I use extreme care and I am not sure who gets entertained more, the cats or me!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Just once I would love to be able to read a cat's mind. I bet we would be shocked at the things they do understand and think about
I've often said I'd love to spend 24 hours in a cat's head. I think it would be quite the eye-opener.

As for the laser, Cindy goes bananas, Fawn goes bananas IF Cindy isn't around, and Suzy doesn't trust that spooky red dot at all, thank you Cindy and Fawn know where "Mr Spot" lives and climb the counter looking for him. They look for him less now that the good weather has arrived and they want to be outside more, but if they're in the house when we're finishing our dinner, they are at Daddy's side, urging him to find Mr Spot for them.

Alley is definitely a very smart little girl.
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