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My cat attacks Dogs

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Yesterday my cat decided he would rage a war against dogs this isn't good considering that we live on a popular dog walking route!!
So far today Alfie has attacked a cocker spaniel a labrador and two dach hounds. I rang my vet but as its out of hours and emergency hours only no one will help me. I've kept him in the house and he is currently sat on the sofa contantly purring but at the same time he's watching out for dogs going past. I've never seen anything like it. Earlier he escaped through an upstairs window to get at a dog!! I pulled him off the dog five times but he kept going back for more!!
I am wondering if this is all happening because his plug in feliway has just ran out. Alfie was over grooming a while ago and i put it down to the fact that we had just moved home. Could it be because he's ran out of feliway or is he just setting his own territory. Any ideas anyone???????
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It may be territorial behavior, that's me guess. Or, if you cat had any bad experience with dogs in the past, it might be because of that. I don't have much advice....Sorry ~Kiba
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Its probably territorial. Is he allowed outside or is he a totally indoor cat? If you let him outside, do NOT let him be out unsupervised. I'd make him totally indoors.

Not only could he meet the wrong dog when attacking, the fact is, that cat bites/scratches are dangerous - as they close up very fast keeping germs in there and you or another animal can have a nasty abcessed infection!

Besides, the owners of the dog may come back to you on vet bills!
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