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Anyone ever had Chemo on a cat?

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Well today I'm leaning towards doing an ultrsound first. I really feel like I should do that before surgeory, and also I feel like it's an opportunity to see a differnt vet at a differnt practice before making any serious decisions for Jordan. I'm also leaning towards Chemo, but I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me what it was like for their cat?
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Bella had chemo, she was never sick from it, and her blood work was always good. I think it was more emotional for her...being away from me while they administered it, it was a long day for her and for me I have always heard that animals tolerate Chemo very well.
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Many cats tolerate Chemo well. The reason is because they can use a much smaller relative dose with cats than humans. A lot of people hear the word Chemo and say oh, no I don't want to put my cat through that but usually it is not as hard on the cat's system as a human. Also, human doctors treat cancer very aggressively whereas vets usually keep the pet's quality of life in mind.

One of my cats needed Chemo and I was unsure about it and my vet said, you're the boss, if we start and you feel that your cat is not well and it is too hard on him we can stop. The other thing is that there are various different types of medications they can use. If for some reason your cat doesn't tolerate one very well, there may be something else they can try that will be easier. I would definitely give it a chance.
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Thank you both so much. I just want to do what's best for him, and it helps to know I'm not the only one who is willing to give chemo a try.
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The only chemo I've had experience with has been Leukeran which is given in pill form. It made Kirby sick to his stomach, but we put him on Reglan and that cleared up. Katy's on a low dose of Leukeran now for IBD and it doesn't bother at all. I've also heard that chemo doesn't affect cats like it does humans, so if I had need again, I'd probably use it. Best of luck to you and little Jordan.
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I must admit that this is the first time I heard about treting a pet with Chemo and find it very interesting. It is extremely useful to know about things like that.
I wish all the best to to your cat!!!
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I went through this decision about a month ago. My vet surgeon said many cats do well with chemo, but the results are unpredictable and that the chemo could kill him. And he is healthy, just older. So, I was opting for not doing it. Fortunately, I didn't have to make the decision as it turns out it wsn't necessary.
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I started Scooter on chemo after he was diagnosed with lymphoma. (he had the ultrasound) He was an independent little guy and did not tolerate the procedure well. We started him on a protocol that I think was supposed to run 12 or 14 weeks, but had to discontinue it after 3. I then started him on the Leukeran at home, but his cancer was very aggressive and he continued to deteriorate. He lived slightly less than 2 months from the time of diagnosis.

I can't say I would never go that route again. I felt comfortable with the oncology specialists where I took him. It was a very expensive procedure and it was a ways for us to go, but if the prognosis was good or even reasonable, and the cat was tolerant of the procedure, I would do it again.
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I've seen a dog be treated for Lymphoma, he was getting Vincristine. It made him fairly ill and he had to come in and get fluids a lot but the doctor had given him 6months to live and that was about a year and a half ago and he's been going on strong.

I think if your cat is comfortable with the people at the clinic you go to, the cat is comfortable being treated, I would go for it. If it's a super stressful situation, then maybe I wouldn't just because who would want to live like that? But if your cat can handle it, great.

So really, if you have the money and the prognosis looks good, I'd do it.
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