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As if I'm not under enough stress....

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So Dealing with Jordan's health issues and possible cancer have me on edge, and then this morning around 4:00 AM, I awake to the cats running into my bedroom. So I shut off the air conditioner to hear something very loud and in spanish. Then it changes to english and says "Citizens, this is the police. We are chasing a felony suspect. For your safety please stay in your home until we give the all clear. To the Suspect, we have a police dog, you can not hide from the dog he will find you. Then they had the dog bark." Talk about causing a full blown panic attack. I guess I should have taken the cats & gone into the bathroom, but having never been through something like that before I wasn't sure what to do.
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that's crazy!!!!!!! glad everything is okay
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So did they catch the felon??? I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep after hearing that!!
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geez, what part of Milwaukee do you live in? That would certainly scare me enough to stay awake!
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I'm just outside of West Allis, it's actually a good neighborhood.
They caught 1 of 2 or 3.
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Oh my gosh I'd totally freak out!!!! I don't know what I'd do besides pray!!!
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wow!!! that is insane!!! i would have peed myself if i woke up to that! I'm glad you and those lovely furbabies are all safe and sound though That is definitely a blessing! I'm glad they cought some of the suspect (s) i hope they catch the other one soon! Stay safe hon!
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OMG!! I would of been totally scared!!!

Glad you guys are all safe and sound.
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OMG!!! I'm glad that you are ok though.
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That woulda scared me to death too, and I probably woulda done the same thing too.

I am glad that ya'll are safe.
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OMG!! that is crazy!! I would be totally freaked out!!

Glad you are okay..geesh, I hope they caugh that felon...
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Helluva way to wake up!
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I would have ran to the bathroom or hid on the floor by the bed. That is a horrible way to wake up. I hope they caught the rest of them.
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Glad you and the furbabies are safe!
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So far I don't believe they have caught any more than 1 suspect. It was hard falling asleep last night. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was more on edge than normal. What I can't believe is that I was able to fall back to sleep yesterday morning.
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