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Cat Naps

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I had a few of these pictures of Berkley napping so I thought it would be great to see some of your cat nap pictures too

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Heres another one...Do your cats like to sleep under the covers too?
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Awwww poor baby doesn't look too happy about having his sleep disturbed LOL
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Ya she was awakened by the camera flashes
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Sorry mate, she. I'll get it together one day!
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no problem
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Peedoodle hates to be under the blankets, except when he is being nosy and even thats rare. But those photos are sooooo cute! Your kitty is so pretty, what kind is it?
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Berkley is a ragdoll mix. Her dad was a large milticolored ragdoll mix and her mother was a lilac colorpoint. Althouth she is not pure bred she does resemble the seal colorpoint ragdolls. She is a sweetheart too!

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Those pictures of Berkley are so cute!

Snowball perfers no covers.
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Now that's a comfortable kitty!
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Fifi doesn't sleep on the bed - she prefers the floor.

Here she is in full fluffy sleep mode.

Balie and Ferdy like sleeping on the bed (Ferdy likes to sleep on ME), but neither like to be in the bed.
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All those pictures are so cute!

Kiki likes to sleep under the covers. If she gets cold at night she will wake me up so I will let her under the covers. I usually wake up in the morning with her lying next to me with that little head hanging out. Tigris hates to be under the covers, she likes to sleep on my legs at night.
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Yola- My other kitty, Serling, looks like Fifi huh?
Here is his favorite sleeping spot. This used to be my sock basket for laundry but one day i put it on the floor and ever since it has become his bed. I moved it onto our screened in patio and he takes cat naps in it during the day

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Awe Kiki sounds cute. And Tigris sound like the perfect cold feet warmer!
It's like they look forward to when we go to sleep so they can lay next to us all night
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Aw, Sterling looks so sweet tucked up in his basket like that!

He's like a more silver version of Fifi, she's kind of warm grey (she's a lilac/cream). I call her pink, but she gets upset at that (LOL)!
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what beautiful kitty pictures! I love them! Can I take them home?
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I love pics of sleeping kitties! It's a wonder mine get any sleep at all because they are just so cute I have to go cuddle them. LOL

Berkely sure has grown up into a beautiful kitty. I love that pic of Snowball in a little kitty ball. Ophelia sleeps like that, and I'm always amazed at how little she can make herself. There's that Fifi tummy again!! Sterling looks so comfy in his basket. Amazing how they take over everything isn't it?
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They are all cuties. When I get my scanner fixed, I will post one of my babies too.
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Your kitties are precious! Our three crittters are trying to take over our bed. I think it's time to get a bigger one for all of us!
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Isn't it amazing that even the fattest cat can squish itself into a tiny ball when they're sleeping? Little Coco has a heatpad under her basket and if she get's a bit warm, lies on her back with her legs splayed, showing all the world her 'special area' ROFL
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It sure is amazing the places they find to sleep. And more amazing that they fit into some of those places.
I have another cat named Coco I don't think she sleeps She is about a year and a half old and most of the time she runs around and gets herself into trouble instead of sleeping.
Sterling has another basket that he likes to sleep in too. When we go to bed he jumps into his basket near the foot of the bed like a dog does. The funny thing is that we are in the process of moving and his basket hasn't made it to the new place yet (that's the next thing to be moved). Well, the last couple of nights he has curled up in a ball in the same spot where his basket was located at the bottom of the bed in the old apartment. I think he's trying to tell us to find his basket!

Here is a picture of Coco "sleeping" Even when she sleeps she looks like she is ready to pounce at the first noise she hears! LOL
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