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Managing my life 101...

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Well, I have to confess to allowing my life to become really unmanageable as of late. Since my husband's recovery from drug addiction, we're left in financial ruins, and we're desparately trying to pick up the pieces. We can hardly make it month to month on our regular income because I'm trying to pay off a massive amount of debt, and sometimes even buying toilet paper is a major ordeal financially for us. Because of this, I've taken on a second job (working in the produce department at Wal-Mart...HATE IT, but the pay is surprisingly good, and it's temporary...once school starts, I'm going to probably quit, as I need time to focus on my teaching), and I find myself not wanting to do ANYTHING at home. Right now, my house is a filth-hole. It's a major fixer-upper to begin with, but, the dishes are piled up, the bathroom is yucky, the kitchen floor is vile, there's laundry coming out of my ears. And the tumbleweeds of dog and cat hair are rolling along the edges of my living room. It's AWFUL, and today is my day off, and tomorrow as well. I NEED TO CLEAN, and RESTORE A SENSE OF ORDER to this house. Of course, we don't have any groceries, and can't really afford any. I keep telling myself that the money from summer school will be coming in, along with the checks from Wal-Mart, and things will get straightened out soon enough with some of the financial turmoil...but, nonetheless, I'm feeling majorly overwhelmed, and quite depressed.

I love my husband, and am willing to stick it out with him through his recovery...he's doing very well. We're basically experiencing the aftermath of his addiction, and it's been stressful and hard.

I guess I need some "get going" vibes. We have very little cleaning supplies in the house, some bleach and dish detergent, and some Comet, among a few other odds and ends, but I think I can make it work. And I WILL bust out the vaccuum today. I WILL, I WILL, I WILL.

Anyone else feeling like life is swallowing them alive, and getting the better of them?
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Sending you some good vibes!! maybe a family member could come and help you clean. I am glad your husband is doing well and you guys are okay, that is the most important!
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sometimes I do, I work 2 jobs as well, that equals 7 days a week, add into that 10 cats, a dog and a rat, plus my very limited social life and TV viewing schedule and what you get is a not so clean house. I'm also having some financial issues and it really makes me want to pull my hair out somedays, but then I remember it should be only about another year till everything is sorted out and I snuggle my babies who love me even if I can't buy myself groceries (their food come first ) and my house isn't very clean (except their litterboxes!) I've been telling myself throughout my whole 20s it seems, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm getting closer I feel now.... a couple other times it was a train coming straight at me but I've perservered what fun would life be if it wasn't so gosh darn difficult??
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I know what it's like to be depressed, but not for the same reasons you are, I am so sorry you are going through this...many feel better vibes to you
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MANY prayers and vibes coming that way.
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Thanks, everyone. I can always count on people here for a kind word and a bit of, off I go in about 10 minutes to tackle those dishes!!! May the force be with me!!!
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I've felt how you felt, but not for the exact same reasons... but still, I know what it's like to feel like life has it out for you to the point where you aren't even allowed to have time and enough money to keep a full fridge and clean house. I always feel a lot better once I do something about it, though.... cleaning one step at a time, and when we were at our financial lowest, we borrowed cleaning supplies from neighbors and friends.

Make some lemonade, though... have fun with those dishes! Put on some music, your jammies, and then dance your heart out with those bubbles!
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
Anyone else feeling like life is swallowing them alive, and getting the better of them?
You put it perfectly. Yes, I've felt that way for years now, and it's a paralyzing thing, isn't it? You're so weighted down with worry about all the things you need to do that you can't seem to move off the zeropoint and do anything!

All I can say is the old cliche -- one day at a time. Many vibes for health and energy and good fortune coming to you and your husband...
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I can't say that i've been in your shoes as i haven't but i would like to say that i'm sending tons of TCS vibes and love your way gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!((((MEGA VIBES!!!!)))) Things WILL get better soon hon! Just hang in there and vent to us in the mean time We are all here for you. I applaud you for being soo supportive of your hubby- you sound like a lovely wife! You are an amazing woman - i admire you for being soo strong! Hang in there girlie! And get to cleaning You'll feel soooo much happier with a cleaner home
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Good luck!!! I wish that things could be easier for you and hopefully they will be soon! I will send vibes your way!
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I so know what you are going through with the financial difficulties! You have tons of prayers and vibes from me. You will get through this. For better or worse. I am so happy that you are sticking by your husband! If you need to chat my PM box is always there!
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I've felt just as you are at the moment but if you stick at it things will get better

Put on some music and sing along while you was up- cheers me up no end
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Sending serious vibes your way! Everything from feel better, to better situation, to get cleaning!!

Though my situation is different, I do know what it's like to feel like life is swallowing you up. My fiance and I work different schedules- me 7 AM to 4 PM, him midnight to 9 AM- I work late almost every day so I end up working 7 AM to 8 PM sometimes, and he has school. So, yes, our house sounds like yours (please don't look in the corners of our bathroom!!!) ! Especially the laundry and tumble weeds!

On my rare day off, I try to do like you- clean what I can, even though I'm really tired. If I can do it, so can you! Get in comfy, grungry clothes or PJs, turn the music up loud, kiss your babies and dance with them now and again, and the cleaning will get done!
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Well, the bathroom and kitchen are nice and clean!!! And I managed to do the dishes, some laundry, and I vaccuumed the tumbleweeds of animal hair in the living room! It's not perfect, but it's getting there. Thanks to everyone for the kind was sort of a "pick-me-up!"

I love you guys!!!
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