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Originally Posted by Kibasgirl View Post
I'm neutral on the whole idea. Though, I do have experience with the matter. My dog was never neutered, and...He had puppies with the neighboor's lemon beagle.... My dog is extremely mild and friendly, though, so to me, it doesn;t make a difference behavior-wise. x3 ~

I'm getting Renji neutered, of course, though. ~ Kiba
Big, big, big difference between an unaltered dog and an unaltered cat.

If he hasn't been around unaltered cats.. see if there is a breeder in your area or if anyone knows of a breeder in your area that will allow you two to visit their cattery. Make sure they're willing to take you to the "boys" room or area, so that your boyfriend can get a good whiff of it... if you're lucky, maybe you'll get there about the same time that a female is in a heat cycle.
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Will read through this properly later, but just wanted to say, that it definitely isn't bad - this is coming from someone who had to have a rescue cat pts because she developed cancer due to not being spayed, so it is a subject very close to my heart - her organs were perfect for her age, so she could have had longer if only he had had her done. Add into the equation pyometra, testicular cancer, ovarian cysts - cats can and do die from being unspayed.
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Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
My husband doesnt understand why its best to neuter/spay cats.
He says its just "convinience at the expense of a lost part of their maturing experience"
Your husband sounds like what we call in the UK as "Old school" in the fact that he thinks it's wrong to take away their "bits" and to let them be like nature intended.

On top of what everyone else has said i just want to add that spaying and neutering your cats is whats called being responsible owners.
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