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3 years??!!

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I have a different kind of announcement regarding my babies, it's usually that one has passed away, but this month marks 3 whole years that my Sapphy-Wapphy has been with me!! she has outlasted everyone by a mile she was the fourth addition to my leukemia house and has seen many kitties come and go- and has ruled with an iron paw the whole time! Sapphire is truly the queen even though she is a very petite cat, much smaller than the rest of my crew but her attitude more than makes up for it I estimate her to be about 4-5 years old now Congrats Sapphy! you are a true survivor
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This is so wonderful to hear Katie Sapphy-Wapphy
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WOW! Great news! It is amazing what you do for these kitty's! I really admire you!
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Awwww, congrats on your longevity, beautiful Sapphy!

Many purrs and heatbutts!
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What lovely news! That just made my day!! Give her extra cuddles for me!
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Awwwwwww Saphire You little survivor you
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awww congradulations you gorgeous furbaby!!!
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Awww....Sapphy darling.....still being a brat, I assume?

I think a Congrats is in order for you, too Katie.....taking these guys in & she's made it 3 years, that means no matter how bad you feel for the ones you loose, you are doing the right thing.
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Congrats to beautiful Sapphire for being such a survivor and to her meowmy for all the good she does for these special kitties.
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Oh, congrats! Shows you what the power of love can do for these special kitties!
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Thats so great!!
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That's wonderful!!!! She's a beautiful kitty

Happy Gotcha Day Sapphire
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Thanks so much everyone would you believe that it took Sapphire over 2 years just to sit in my lap? now she's a regular cuddle bug- she even tolerates Antigone, Demeter and Pandora being with a square foot of her!! she came from a shelter in Michigan, rescued on the day she was due to be PTS She is a total flirt and loves men, its funny to watch her twitch her tail at them She also likes Vino (the dog). She is not the best groomer and sometimes looks a little rough, earning her the nickname "Nappy Kitty"
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Awww Katie, I always admire you and what you do for these babies, giving them a chance to be loved. You are such a beautiful person. Vibes for your whole bunch and big kisses and hugs to your Sapphy queen.
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Congrats on the milestone Sapphire!!!

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that's great! Happy gotcha day, sweet Sapphire! her name is my birthstone! thank goodness she found you.
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Thats great!! Happy day to you!!! You gorgeous Sapphy!!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
"Nappy Kitty"
omg, i will be calling al sharpton on you now , dont you know that ou cant use the term nappy anymore
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What a special, beautiful girl! Congratulations, Sapphy!

And bless you, katiemae, for giving these sweethearts a happy home.
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I think that is just wonderful. You really create miracles for those cats that otherwise would not have the chance to thrive.

Bless you
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