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One of my friends is really making me angry. I told her how declawing a cat is inhumane and she disagrees, just because when I told her that cats get be agressive and withdrawn and defenseless she goes "well my cats dont act that way, and they dont need to be defensive, they never go outside", ugh shes so ignorant. And also because her parents had the front paws declawed and kept the back she thinks thats alright. Her reasons were "my parents got them declawed so they wouldnt scratch me and my sister". Ughhhhhh, she sucks lol. I had to vent.
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Could you maybe do a little research from the websites availiable here on TCS and give her the articles on how inhumane it is? Maybe tell her the procedure and how it really does affect her cats?

Its a shame that people think that way
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I hope the mods are ok with this link. It's an anti-declawing myspace page that SHOWS the de-claw procedure!
Be warned... it is graphic! But with that warning in mind can you send this link to your friend or print it out for her to see. Perhaps she just doesn't understand what de-clawing means for the cat.
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