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Does Summer Heat=Lazy Cat?

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This is our first summer with our cat (she is an adult though).

Lately she has been really lazy. Not necessarily lethargic because she is still playful and gets some night crazies, but during the day, she just lays around more than usual. Is it possible that with the summer heat, she just likes laying around?

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Hello and welcome to the site - yep summer days usually mean lazy days for us. We have 4 indoor/outdoor kitties and they are so lazy at the moment - they are all chillin under some trees at the moment
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Thanks for the info!
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I think looks like someone's been drugging my two. They lie around on their backs, spralled out on the linoleum. If I put an icebag out rolled up in a towel they will sprall all over it.

They do still respond to the laser pointer and Da Bird, but they don't play as long as they do when it's cooler.
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Haha, Oliver's lazy all the time!

But yeah, I do see an increase in daytime laziness with him when it's hot.... I can't figure him out though when he decides to take his afternoon naps upstairs inside his crate on a blanket in the middle of summer!! (We have a wall AC unit that does the whole downstairs and then window units in 2 bedrooms that are usually only on at night.... I only turn mine on for short periods during really hot days to keep my fish tanks coo in my rooml)... so although he looks really cute sleeping, I'll tend to wake him on rediculously hot days and make him find a spot downstairs to sleep... I'm sure if it bothered him, he'd move himself, but I feel better having him in a cooler spot.... he does also camp out more on the linoleum bathroom floor during summers too
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All three of my cats are eating less and lounging more in the hot weather.
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Yup. Just like us humans, cats too suffer from the heat. They eat less and lay around more to conserve energy. And even though they have a thinner coat, can you imagine being covered in fur in Summer?
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Yep, and some cats more than others. My DSH does nothing by sleep on the cool kitchen tiles. My DMH, on the other hand, still has loads of energy.
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Thanks everyone, I was really worried!
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I was just noticing this with my foster Clarence. He's a Siamese and tends to be crazy, but for the past few days I swear he's been more lazy than my 2 DSHs. But it has not affected their appetite though, they are all still eating like little piggies.
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yup. summer=lazy kitties. My two have been sprawled out on the floor for the last 2 weeks, on their backs with paws spread. They dont even respond to the laser. Just follow it with their eyes.
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My girls all get sluggish during summer, too.

This is Molly during a typical summer day (35+ degrees celcius)

I love it

The other two girls don't spread out like that, though. They simply curl up and sleep, though Willow gets uncomfortable and can't make up her mind where to sleep (she'll be on the hardwood floor first, then the tile in the kitchen, then back to the hardwood, then up on a window sill, then on a carpet, then on the tile, and so on and so forth)
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Mine both spread out on the floor like Molly for most of the day.....Summer does it more though! I love scritching her belly when she does!
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