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I am crazy?!

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I realized that I hadn't shared with you guys the huge thing thats about to happen to my life. I'm halfway between exhilirated and petrified.

Background: i am currently working for the government in natural resources after getting my degree. I've been here for just over 4 years, and I've never felt fulfilled by the job. For one they don't hire much permanent staff, instead keep you on short contracts so they don't have to pay you benefits. Short contracts also mean that they don't really trust you with anything meaningful or challenging because they expect you to up and leave.

So....I've decided to go back to school. I applied and was accepted!!! I start in September taking Paramedic. While I'm mindbogglingly excited to be starting school, and taking something that has always interested me and is physical and interactive. The idea of throwing away the pay cheque and trying to manage finances, the kitties and life at my age is terrifying me too.

Some of the people I work with still don't believe I will do it. They say: why would anyone quit a high-paying government job that are so hard to get into....throw it all away like this.

Am i nuts? I don't think I am. I think I would be nuts to stay in a job I hate when the opportunity to try something new is here!

Has anyone every done something like this (tossed it all and started over?). Do you have any words of wisdom for me?

thanks guys!
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I made a career change mid-stream, too. I only had 10 months of clinicals left to finish my doctor of pharmacy, but I decided I'd rather be a nurse... more physically active, more interactive, no counting pills...

Only you know what's best for you. For me, I decided that I needed a job I could enjoy in addition to just making money. Once you're out of paramedic school, you'll be making decent money again (right? I'm not sure what they make compared to what you are doing). It sounds to me like you're bored with the government job, and I can totally understand how you feel. Short of applying at private companies first (with four years experience, you should be able to find several that you can at least apply for), a career change sounds like a good option for you. You might be able to find something more interesting in your current field. It's worth a look.

Life is short. We should try and do as much as possible as I see it! Good luck! You might have to downsize to afford it, or take out a few loans to lessen the burden. Don't forget the FAFSA and look on the internet for scholarships.
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Good for you Life is too short to be miserable in a job, I hope it goes well and you enjoy it.
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Believe me, having a high paying job isn't always what its cracked up to be. There are so many days that I wish I could quit.

If you have the opportunity, why pass it up. My motto has always been "If you think you're going to regret not doing it...then DO IT!"
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Thanks guys. For the most part everyone is being supportive, just occasionally i seem to run into someone who thinks I'm nuts and a few that have actually started lecturing me about what a stupid idea this is. It's tough when one of those people is my sister.

Well...the money for the tuition is there's no turning back now.

Godiva: how do you like your new career? You must be a very strong willed and brave person to make that career change. Good for you!
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Paramedic is such a difficult carreer - I really respect people who can do that job. My niece is doing the course on weekends in Owen Sound. It is taking longer, but that way she still can work.
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Good luck! You are NOT crazy! I looked at your profile and I am a few months older than you and I started back to school 2 years ago. i am doing radiologic technology (x-ray tech) and will graduate in one year!! So go for it!! It will be so worth it in a couple of years!
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good luck!!!! i have been thinking of going to medical school lol
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I've tossed it all and started over! It didn't turn out exactly the way I planned - it turned out better! When you get a little distance from your current job you will see it was good not to stay there. Can you imagine being in your current job until you retire?

Add me to the list of those who have a huge respect for paramedics. I wish you lots of luck!
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What good is it to be in a hard to get into gov. job that you could essentially loose your job when your short contract is up? I don't think you're nuts, I think you're smart & brave! I really do think you'll be happier.
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I don't think you are nuts at all! Good for you for not taking years and years to realize you wanted to change course.

I did a fairly big change - RN to small business owner, something I never expected to do, but love. I miss the best aspects of my nursing career, but this was the right choice for me.
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Good luck with it! I changed careers too, to be a teacher after years of stressful journalism. Not that teaching was a doddle, by any means, but I felt I was helping more on a personal level. Do what is right for you.
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Thank you everyone! I'm getting more and more excited to start school the closer it gets. 2 months and counting!! I'm just going to have to learn to drown out the naysayers....I guess there will always be people like that.
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