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I think I need a hug

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My oldest daughter just went with my mom for a month She is taking her for 2 and a half weeks then also taking the younger 2 for another 2 weeks. She usually takes them for a couple weeks each year but this is the longest that I have been away from one of the kids.

My daughter is so excited while im crying. Its gonna be a long month. I know she will have fun and be ok but thats not making me feel much better.

I was ok with this until this morning when she was leaving and then I tried to talk her out of going (it didnt work). She kept saying oh mom ill call you.
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aww heck honey theres lots of hugs for you here
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Ohhhhh here are some hugs for you I bet it goes by before you know it!
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my dad was a wreck when i went to horse camp for a week when i was a kid.
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Thank you now im just sitting here thinking WHAT WAS I THINKING when I said yes.
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Awww, big hugs for you!!
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Aww, I hope the month goes by quickly!
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lots of hugs to you my friend!
Don´t give up!
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Hope the month goes by quickly for you! It's always tough to be away from those we love.
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eep you sound like my mother!!

Being a mother is so tough at times, but think of her being happy and enjoy the month! it goes by quick anyway!
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I am a mother lol. Ok feeling a little better now. Watching her getting ready to go this morning was hard. Thank you all for your hugs. I might need more by the time the month is over!
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I'm sorry. You sound like a wonderful mom How old are your daughters?
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Awwww, here you go

My sister is giving up BOTH my neices to my mom for a month in the summer..we think she is up to something because she can't wait to let them go
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
I'm sorry. You sound like a wonderful mom How old are your daughters?
She is 11, the other two are 9 and 8.

Well I was excited for the time she takes all 3. But im having a hard time knowing its gonna b over a month before 1 of them is back home. We are gonna go meet her on the 14th at the zoo and then mom is gonna take all 3 of them for 2 more weeks. So it will be over a month.

I know part of being a parent is letting them go but sometimes its just so hard. And I know im over protective of them (comes from some things that happened to me in the past).

Honestly im hoping she calls after a week or so and tells me she wants to come home lol.
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I am sure that this will be a good experience for her, although tough on you! Good luck, and when you feel lonely, just call her!
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