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violent behavior and uncontrolled bathroom

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Hello, I need some advice of what is going on with my cat. Last month around this time, I was walking around with her on my shoulders, as we normally like to do, and I decided to bring her outside for a little while. she is a house cat, and seemed to enjoy going ouside every so often to look around etc. she then became desprate to jump off my sholders and escape, but I held onto her at least long enough to get her inside. suddenly, she got so violent that she bit my ear multiple times and scratched my arm up really bad and when I dropped her on the floor inside, she knocked over a bunch of stuff trying to get away!

Not only that, but after I stopped the bleeding, I found her in my room, hiding, and she peed and pooped all over the floor, and would hiss the second I came near her. She was almost screaming angry the whole time!

Now, this was roughly a month ago, and she seemed to be fine since. Occasionally, she would hiss at me when I came out of my room (probably because she remembered that night), but has always been a happy lapcat.

Anyways, last night, she kept getting more and more angry over the course of the day. I was about to feed her her daily wetfood, which she loves more than anything, and she seemed to calm down, but halfway into eating she got hissy. annoyed, I flicked some water at her to try and make her stop. suddenly, she arched up and started peeing on the wall and hissing, then went over to the other side of the counter and once again arched up and began to poo! I could not get near her without her hissing and screaming at me!

Finally I threw a towel over her and brought her down to the basement bathroom and shut her in so she could calm down. After I cleaned up, I noticed that she managed to get out of the bathroom and come back upstiars. She was still hissing, but she seemed more calm.

I went to bed, and the next morning, from the sound of my alarm clock, she came in mewing at me and even jumped up into my bed and let me pet her.

I have no idea what is going on with her, and my dad is threatning to get rid of her if she keeps peeing/pooping uncontrollably like that! Plus, I can't afford to go to the vet and get some expensive medicine! Please give me an idea what is going on!

My best guess is that when I brought her outside that one day, she saw the hawk that lives across the road and she freaked out because of it... however, that would not explain why she freaked out last night.

Not only that, but when she was sitting in her poo, she seemsed to keep looking around randomly, as if she were having a seizure (my dog has them, so I know the syptoms are alike.)

Can anyone please give me some idea what to do!?

PS Sorry for length of post.
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Hello and welcome to the site !

Oh I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation It is a worry when our cats behaviour chances suddenly and for no apparent reason

You took her outside for the 1st time ever. She freaked and bit your ear as she tried to get down from your shoulders - well this is not surprising as she is an indoor cat the big noisy outside world would have frightened her and she was trying desperately to get back to the safety of the house. Your action of grabbing her probably scared her even more and this resulted in her panicking and then biting you. I dont think you should take her out again unless you start to train her on a harness. This will keep her safe and reduce any risk of you get caught when she might get scared or panic.

Flicking water at a cat whilst it is eating is not the best way to try to train a cat to do anything or calm it down. You should leave a cat alone in peace and quiet to enjoy its food. I think you aggravated the situation by water flicking. This then turned nasty and you ended up putting a towel over her - all very sad and very, very stressful for your cat. I think you have scared her.

Cat are used to routine and any changes can easily upset them and stress them out which can cause some of the things you describe.

There is also the chance that she is not well, cats are also very good at hiding illnesses, so you may need to have her checked over.

So I hope that gives you some idea of what might be happening. Let us know how things go.
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yeah, the outside thing, she was just scared. the peeing/pooping/behavior/purrsonality change - i'd take mine to the vet if i saw that.
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don't do that again! you're lucky the cat didn't get away from you while you were letting him visit the outside. what happens is the cat becomes very excited, but also very frightened. it's a bad combination. any one who has ever had an "indoor" cat that has escaped, knows just what i mean. if your indoor cat gets outside, put on gloves and goggles before you try to catch the cat. i'm not kidding....
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Hello again. I should mention, this was not the first time I ever brought her outside. I've done it many times before, and usually she just looks around at all the stuff that she usually can't see from inside, and that's it. When she started wrigling around, I tried to make sure she would not run off, so I had to keep her tight while I went back to the door, and that's when she bit me. I suppose it was the hawk from across the street, but not sure.

I'm not taking her back outside again, that's for sure.

Anyways, I'm not sure if she is experiencing some mental/emotional problem that is causing this. I don't think I can bring her into the vet, since I don't have much money to be spending on her

hmm, not sure what to do.
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She could have smelled a dog close by that you didn't see. Or anything else (heard something somewhere that you didn't pick up on). And yeah, the water flicking was a bad idea - she might have settled on her own but never got the chance. Stop trying to make her 'logical', or doggy, or whatever it is you want. Spend more time watching her, quietly, and learn who she is and what she needs, rather than trying to make her something or other.
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