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"3rd addition"

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Hi everybody!
We are hoping to get a 3rd kitty today! (GETTING EXCITED...could hardly sleep last night!!!!)
We have an appointment with the vet this morning at 9:00 to have him luekemia tested, and if that comes back clear then we`ll get him his shots and have him checked over for worms, fleas, ear mites (Already been fixed)
We are hoping this does`nt cause any problems with the other 2 (namely Toby, the alpha cat) Our Toby and Tedy are both 2 1/2 years old , and the "newbie" is about 1 1/2 yrs.
Please pray all comes out clear and everything works out nicely.
This kitty is a real "lovey-dovey" cat....I hope he STAYS THAT WAY when he gets around these other 2 fellow cats!
We are going to put the 2 we have in the bathroom with some treats, while we bring the new one into the house and get him set up in a bedroom by himself for a few days or however long (???)....and will start swapping sents between the 3 of them tomorrow....although I`m sure they`ll all have figured out that something is going on before that!
How long shall I keep them iceolated from each other?
Shall I swap some of their litter back and forth for a day or two before I introduce the 3 of them???
I`m hoping and praying that the test comes back NEG and that he does`nt have any "creepy-crawlies"....so that we can bring him home TODAY! (Hubby, Larry, even took a vacation day from work today to be in on the ADOPTION!)
Thanks for any info and insite you may want to offer!
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Awwww Congrats I am so jealous!! Everyone seems to be getting new kitties but me!!

I hope everything goes well with the introductions
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Congrats!!! I hope the introductions go well
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Welcome back. You haven't been around in a while. Congratulations on your new addition. I'll send some good vibes that he does well at the vet. I'm going to move this to Behavior so you can get some answers to your introduction questions.
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Yeah I'm jealous too I've been wanting to get Mia a friend for so long but right now the finances aren't right for that. I wish i could find ppl in the neighborhood with cats she could pplay with because we don't let her outside. We're in a high traffic area.

I hope all goes well with your new blessing though, there's nothing more wonderful to have in your life than a cat.
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Best of luck with your new baby There is a lot of advice on the site about introducing a new kitty ...The most important thing is doing it slow in my opinion, I just went through this a few months ago and everything went great I hope all the tests come out negative
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Welcome back! It seems like awhile since we've seen you around the forum!
Congrats on your 3rd addition!
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Congrats on your new addition Linda! Can't wait to see pics.
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Hi everybody....thanks for the well wishes and info.
The vet visit went exceptionally well....No Lukemia (and he tested for something else at the same time...but not sure what it was, as I`d never heard of it before) No worms, ear mites or fleas. Tawny has already been fixed so all he needed was his shots. I`m soooo glad! And what a little lover-kitten he is!
I`ve started exchanging sents with the three of them and there`s a lot of sniffing going on.
At one point I opened the door to the bedroom and Tedy followed me, and when I opened the door Tawny (the new kitty) was right there. Tedy hissed at him and he just sat down and blinked friendly blinks at him. He was`nt one bit afraid and did`nt return the hiss! Toby came running to see what Tedy was hissing about and added his own....still little Tawny just sat there blinking at them.
So....they have SEEN each other! (Although I`m sure they all knew that the others were here anyhow....there was a lot of under the door sniffing going on)
I`ll keep you updated on how it`s going.
It`s good to have some time to be back online and at he Cat Site !
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