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Ohmygoodness!! It's Kumbulu!!

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G'day my mates! Yes, it's really me! I have missed you all soooo much and it's great to be back! I've just been catching up with many of your posts and laughed, frowned, cried and ROFL at your writings.

Leslie maaaaaate!!!!! I'm sorry you aren't able to be around as much as before but I hope you come to TCS often still. I hope you're feeling better and I luuurrved all the pics of your furbabies.

Well, Dad is fine, they were able to get all the tumours in his lungs with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy and he is now officially cancer free (well, in remission)! Woo hoo! So I'm now staying put here in Perth.

Only one little kitten ended up making it from the litter I was raising. My friend did such a good job with the little one and I had him for a week before the vet rang and said he'd like to keep the little furbaby for himself! Between you all and me, if it wasn't him taking the little guy, I was going to keep him, I just couldn't bear to think that anyone wasn't going to take care of him as well as me! I haven't received any other kittens yet which is kinda good - it means that (hopefully) people aren't dumping kittens as much.

I'd still like to be part of the secret Santa brigade and Jin and Spawn, thank you so much for your card and goodies! Colorado looks absolutley beautiful! I am very, very jealous!!

I hope you all have absolutely lovely holidays - I want to see tons and tons of snow pictures! It's getting very warm Down Under, we're expecting a temperature of 37C (99F) two days in a row and I don't like the heat at all. In fact, the only way I make it through is to keep telling myself that we have to have a summer in order to have a winter! I absolutely love the cold weather so if anyone can spare a box of snow, please send it to me ASAP. What's the temperature like where you all are??

Well, I'll quit yapping and get to reading some more of your posts. Now that I'm here, I'm here to stay!

Hugs to you all!!
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Welcome home! I was wondering how you were doing and how your dad was as well. Nice to see you here again!
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Tania it is so good to see you back! I'm so glad to hear everything went so successfully with your father. In case you haven't seen, there's a few more people from Down Under now that when you left. We're being over run by Aussies!!! LOL
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Ooooh really? Where? Where?
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welcome back and I'm glad to see all went well! that is the best xmas present anyone could ask for.
99 degrees? I'm jealous. we are having a heat wave of 40 degrees in the day time and a bone chilling 15 at night and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better. and Yet still, my nutso cats want to sit on the porch checking out the air and scenery. it's about time to plastic the windows up out there though and they aren't going to like that ONE bit! as of now, they bang on the plastic that is on the windows, and it is see through bought especially for them..
sorry I am rambling.. LOL!:tounge2:
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Whoa! Lemme see...40 is 4C and 15 is -9C!! Ooohhh, did I say I liked the cold?? That could be just a tad too freezing, even for me!
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I'm soooooo glad to hear about your Dad. I've been wondering, and have kept him in my prayers.

It's been SINGLE DIGITS farenheit here! That's cold!!!!
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Oh! I'm so glad to see you here! I was wondering about your father, and I'm so glad to know he's in remission!! YAY!!!

I'm happy to know everything made it to you safe and sound, and I hope you enjoy everything I sent. Happy Holidays!
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It's good to have you back and I'm glad you had some good news about your dad to share with us!

FYI, since you like cold weather, where I live it can get REALLY cold!!!!!!
The wind chill, which is the temperature plus the wind, can get as low as 40 or 60 degrees below zero! That's waaay too cold for anybody!!!!
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Thankyou all so much for your warm welcome back's. As I said, I missed you all and was suffering furbaby picture withdrawl. I'm now on the patches and hope to be fully recovered some time this week.

I want to tell everybody about what Jin & Spawn sent me as my Secret Santa. I got so spoiled! There is:

A credit card sized plastic 2003 calendar with a cool USA flag on the other side

A cute bookmark with a tassle and a kitty playing with a ball of string and the saying, "The best way to make a friend is to be a friend."

A Colorado Pocket Calendar with the most beautiful scenery in it.

A very cool 16 month Cats magnetic 2003 calendar including a magnetic pen.

I told you I was spoilt! Again, thankyou so much Jin and Spawn. I think Spawn must have chosen the Cats calendar - it's got some very funny cat pics in it!!
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Welcome back! So glad to hear your dad is in remission. What a great Christmas present for you. We just had about 7 or 8 inches of snow, but it has been extremely cold here at night. Below freezing. Not fun. I'd happily take some of your sun and hot temperatures!
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So very hot................................................send snow......................................
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Tania!! I am so happy to see you are back! I have missed you! And I am just thrilled to hear your dad is doing so well now, and is cancer-free!!! YAAAAAY!!! That is great news!!!
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Wow! I guess I was on a calendar theme, huh? But I kept finding these things thinking "Ooooh, I'll bet Kumbulu would like that!" - I wasn't even thinking they were all calendars! Ha! No excuses to not know what day it is next year!
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G'day Debbie! How's that little munchkin of yours?

LOL Jin. So, it's Thursday today, January sometime, right??
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YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thank god! I was begining to think I would never hear from you again. So glad your dad is doing so well and also that you are okay! I was just beside myself thinking I had lost me Vegemite mate!

Good to see you cobber! :tounge2:
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Leslie, where are you cobber? Have you expired from the heat? Keep in touch mate!
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Welcome back! It must be the best Christmas present you have ever rec'd to have your dad healthy for Christmas!

You would like Toronto weather right now - it should get to a high of +5C today.
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