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Kitten a terror to 14 year old adult

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After slowly introducing our new kitten to our 14 year old adult, with everyones help.... the adult, Angel, has accepted our new kitten, Abby.
Usually Angel just watches the kitten play in bags and with the toys. They can have treets together no problem. Angel does not attack the kitten at all. My problem is, the kitten now 3 months old, attacks Angel. Last night was the worst. Abby ran at Angel and threw Angel on her back and really started fighting, or playing... which Angel does not really appreciate. The screams are terrable. We put the kitten in her room. this is happening more and more. Angel loves to just lay around the house, enjoy the sun, and does not mind watching the kitten. As long as the kitten does not get too close to Angel, there is no problem.
Now for my problem.... Angel is one of our first two cats we had in our lives. We lost Angels non biological sister in January. She was 13. The got along and gave each other a 5 foot safe way and did not get too close. Angel hissed once in a while when Mittens got in her territory.
Anyways... our love for Angel is way up there. We hate to see her attacked and going through hell. She is not the same cat any more. She will not sit on our lap, or go in the sun. She is too worried about the kitten attack. I told my wife last night that Abby was going back to the shelter this week. I cannot see Angel suffer. She has earned her place here at the house, and gives us unconditonal love. And what are we giving her in return... agraivation and fear... its not fair.
Any advise to try to keep Abby... she does have a very nice room for herself, it has toys, fouton, litterbox, water, food, and window. I have had her in there since last night, but do not think this is fair either... Please help. I really do not want to give her up.. but Angel is my first love..... must be... since I told my wife out of fustration,, she can go to the shelter with Abby.
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Hi again,

Glad to see you are still giving it a shot! Sometimes the fighting takes months until the resident cats come to terms with each other. White Cat Lover should chime in here as she has an issue with one of her cats HATING the other, and they've been together much longer than just a month.

It sounds as if you really already have your mind made up and might be seeing if your idea is sound. Of course, rehoming Abby isn't what anyone wants, but she deserves to be in a home where she can run around and be a chaotic kitten. Angel is in the prime of her life and deserves to be smothered with attention. Try finding angel a home with a family friend instead of taking her back to the shelter. That way you can feel good about rehoming her, rather than abandoning her.... Good Luck!
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I would love to make this work... its not Angel that would be rehomed..its Abby, the kitten.. Angel does not hate the kitten.... just hates being attacked. When I said we should take Abby back to the shelter.. that did not go over well.... but when I saw Abby attack my Angel, just minding her own business watching TV... that did not sit well with me.... I really have not bonded with the kitten as cute as she is... but I need to make my Angel comfortable. I would hate for this to be her last year of life, I do not know that to be a fact... but would not want her to be agrivated in the golden years.
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yeah i meant abby. sorry....
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It sounds to me like Abby, being a kitten, just wants to play with someone, and that someone happens to be the only other cat in the house, your poor Angel! Now, Abby may not quite understand yet that Angel doesn't like her behavior, or Abby just may not be the brightest kitten in the world. When you adopted Angel and Mittens, were they fairly the same age at the time? If you didn't get them at the same time, they were at least still close in age by the ages you mentioned in your post. Which means they could play together and rough house when they were younger and lay around when they were older. I think Abby might need a friend closer to her own age so she can wrestle and play with him or her and leave poor Angel alone. If you can get another kitten, I'd suggest that, and if not you should try to rehome her ot take her to a no-kill shelter. Good luck, and I hope things work out for you!

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I just got a 1 1/2 year old aby...and I have a 1 1/2 year old bengal brat
plus a 18 year old siamese..

I have the reverse problem the bengal is running like a nut to play
and never quits and the aby carries on...even after keeping them apart
for a week..

It is taking more time then I would like..but! I would pay much more attention
to the older cat and lock up the aby ect or a time out in the bathroom.
or another room..till the older cat starts to respond..

I know it's not what you want but at present it's for the best.
I would not rehome less it was a horrible situation..

The aby is just wanting to play..where my bratty aby wants no part
of the bengal so he found some hiding places..

I think this will work but you need to again give the resident cat much
more private attention and less to the aby! for now.. get the dabird feather
toy and play with the aby till he is knocked out! just energy

As I wish I had this problem ha! my aby is anti social

My Photos here
Tajicat's Cat Photos

Don't give up ...it really will take time! Sherry
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I was just going to tell you all Abby is going to be rehomed. Angel just cannot live in peace when Abby is out of her room. Angel cannot eat, go the bathroom, or just rest. Abby is all over her. The hissing from Angel is only when Abby wants to play. As long as I am near Angel and just let Abby sniff Angel, the kitten Abby is all over Angel. Angel does not mind the kitten as long as she stays out of Angels space.
I just feel it is not fair to both. Abby should be able to play... and Angel should be able to live not in fear every second. Abby has been spending more and more time in her room. I almost wish she would grow up over night, but then again.. I wonder... will she always be after Angel to be the dominant cat. Abby is half siomease and half tiger. Angel is like a mainecoon cat. If I am not being inhumane leaving the kitten in a room alone.. I will keep her... but she has limited interaction. Angel still loves to sleep with us and when we tried to leave Abby out for the night... Abby kept chasing Angel out of the bed.... so back to the room.
Her room is very nice.... fouton, scratching post..toys, balls, mice, litter box, food, water.. window, doubled screened. Its really a nice suite. We value all of your advise.... WE WANT TO KEEP HER....
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