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I'm getting another kitten - WOOHOOO!!!

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Hiya guys!

I'm sooooo excited, I've talked the other half into getting another kitten to keep Gillan company. As we got Gillan from a breeder (he's an aby) I have decided to get his new friend from a shelter or from someone locally who has a litter.

I think he would take to a female better, he is 10 months now and has been neutered. Any advice?

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Boys usually accept either sex coming into the house. IMO since he's an aby and is active, you'll need to look for a kitten/young cat that is as active or he'll be bored quickly. Personally, I'd go for another neutered male with your boy's activity level

Maybe look for an aby or aby cross in the shelter - try and see what they have as far as "abys".

Do you want another aby type? A siamese or ocicat would also be on the same activity level Good luck and let us know what you find
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WOOHOO! A lady from a rescue called to say there is a male cat, 8 months old (white with black spots) who needs rehoming. His owner died and the person who was caring for him works shifts.

I am going to see him on Wednesday. I have no idea if I will be taking him home then, or what their procedure is. I will take my carrier just in case!

Now I have to swot up on introductions...
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I would recommend trying for something a little younger than 8 months, but that's just my opinion.

Just remember, don't pick the cat, let it pick you. Also, don't fall for the first fuzzball you see, take your time and you'll make a decision you won't regret.

Try putting a post on your local Craigslist( I'm sure if you put up a wanted ad you will get a ton of responses and that will give you alot of kittens to choose from.

Good luck!
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cool! I know you and your other kitty will be very happy with a new family member.
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oooo how exciting have you told Gillian yet, he is gonna be so pleased - theres lots here about introductions so I am sure you'll get all your concerns answered, but if theres anything specific, just fire away

Keep us posted and with photos of course
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Yaaaaayyy!!! a new kitten!!

All great advice you got!

I just got a 10 weeks old white little fuzzy ball from the SPCA 2 weeks ago and I have 2 other kitties who are almost 2 yrs old.

I love kitties to have 'buddies'. I feel less guilty leaving them home when I go to work.

Take you time and pick the right one. It's the season for kittens right now and shelters have a LOT of them so don't rush. There are plenty of them out there! Also, don't pick a kitten/cat a shelter person is trying very hard for you to adopt, some of them will always try to push a kitty. Get the one YOU want!!

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Thanks guys! We are going to go and see him tomorrow, I've heard he's a beautiful looking cat - we will just have to see what his personality is like! I'm sure we will know if he is right for us

It seems that there isn't many younger kittens in local shelters at the moment, which I find quite strange (but I suppose, is a good thing!)

I will post an update tomorrow
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i hope everything goes well.
my sister took one of our kittens home with her 10 months ago , but was very lonely , so when i took in another pregnant mamma she took on one of her kittens , and after just 1 day they was getting on like a house on fire ( i was suprised on how quick everything was) but i also know it can be a lot more diffcult than that from experince.
be sure to take pictures if/when you do bring home a new edition.
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Yup yup! Tons of pictures are a must!

Good luck and be sure to keep us all updated!
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The new kitty resident is home, his name is Felix - he is white with some black dots and is a lovely friendly boy. At the moment, Gillan is following him and chasing him around, and has taken a few swipes at him. Felix seems like quite a confident cat, and is larger than Gillan. They each take turns of lying down next to one another, then the fighting starts again!

Any advice ideas are appreciated.

P.S. I have put the cover Felix traveled home in next to Gillan's cover, and the OH is taking turns clapping each of them.
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Yay! When I brought Ginger home it took about three days before they started loving on each other. I'm sure your two little guys will get along just fine.
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Thanks for your reply. Things seem to have settled down a bit since I posted last thankfully. I was mega stressed there for a while!

They are now playing hide and seek in the bathroom!
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Check him out with the wee chicken!
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Congrats on Felix! Hes a very pretty little guy! I hope your two boys become fast friends.
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Thanks Fostermomm! Gillan is still bossing him around, hissing etc - I know it will take a little time for him to adjust. I haven't seen our new cat eat anything yet, which is worrying. He did do the toilet *next* to the litter tray earlier too, just hoping he does it in the tray the next time.
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congrats on your new addition, he's adorable! thank you for saving a life too. I noticed you said he went beside the litter you have 2 seperate boxes, or are the 2 cats sharing just one? Or are they close to each other. I would move the new kitties box as far away as possible from your resident cats box, and you should have no prblem getting him to use it. He's still adjusting too, so he'll come around.
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Ah! That's the problem then, I only have one box! I am going to invest in a new litter box with the filter, etc - this will belong to Felix then! Also, last night I made him a wee bed in the laudry basket - and I'm sure Gillan slept in it. Felix slept in the bathroom on the pedestal mat.

They seem to be getting on much better today, I dished up some food - Gillan ate from both dishes. I encouraged Felix to take some food, and he has no interest. What was sweet though, was that he tried to 'burry' some food!
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