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Goodbye, Rookie

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My dog, Rookie, was taken to be enthuanised on Christmas Day....Could my parents have picked a worse day? I really loved my beagle, despite the fact that everyone else, including the neighboors, absolutely hated him because of his barking. He had severe arthritis (bad spelling, I know), and although he was getting better on his meds, my parents were pretty eager to rid themselves of him...That really dissapointed me. His howling kept me up at night, too, but Rookie was a really good dog who never failed to please me with his antics. ~

I remember him having his own little play area, where I'd go and put him for hours each day. Rookie always had this bright little smile on his face, and often put his paw on my hand.... ~

I miss him so much... ~

Now he's wherever dogs go when they die ~
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aww honey thats such a shame

RIP Sweet Rookie - you'll have found my RB dog Roger, so I am sure you're having some great doggie adventures - be nice to the kitties
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I am so sorry to hear that, I betcha Rookie has found my beloved Sambo and they are having a grand time over at the Bridge.

RIP Rookie
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That's so sad That's one anniversary you'll never forget

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Awww Rookie..RIP baby
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i agree, a bad day to choose. to you - he's happy & healthy & playing, now - & nobody minds his barking where he is!
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