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Litter issue Crazy!

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I just got a new kitty an abyssinian and I have a 1 1/2 old bratty
bengal and an 18 year old siamese ..I have litter boxes all over ..so this is not the issue!
but Simby My Bengal runs to any litter box the new cat is in..

This tops it He tried to get in with the aby...Which at present
only tolerates him..
What do I do now put one on the roof...I can't lock up the newer cat
as he does not want to be locked up anymore and is ok..so far
My Photos

if you see on my site...the photos you might understand what a brat
this bengal is...He is tooo much for the aby...or for that matter
I think he needs a lion to put him in his place ..If I yell at him he will
just do it more ..I am soooo Darn mad!

thanks Sherry
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can't you try to keep them separate when their do their thing? do they fight when they eat aswell? it's best to feed them at separate times if that happens, maybe it's pure jealousy because the new kitten is getting all the attention now.
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Hi No
They Don't fight
It is impossible to separate them any more I can't put any more litter
boxes anywhere I already have 5 and who knows when they will want to go

It's just the bengal has this fetish with the litter boxes..

I guess they are going to have to just work this out

The Bengal and Siamwse are very sweet cats...
the aby is a maniac about food he will eat you out of house and home

Thanks Sherry
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I think it's a dominance thing. I've noticed Stan doing this to Bella when they've been having a little turf war. I think you can do only so much. If I see him doing it, I'll put him in the bathroom for a time out to let her finish doing her thing. Eventually Bella figured out her own way to solve this...she kicks litter out at him.
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I am soooo maaad!
My Bengal thinks he's the DAWG! He is infatuated with the new cat

He checks out anything that garci the aby does..the more I
make a stink the more he does it so I just stopped

Whats funny When Garcie the new kitty sees him in the one box
he runs after him a little an meows at him ..Like get out of my box!

Simby just looks at him like your crazy!

I Got Garcie for a playmate ..now I need to feather toys instead of one
I really solved things (smile)

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