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few questions with pics

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I don't know if anyone remember's but about three weeks ago, I took in a kitty who was believed to be pregnant. We'll I was informed by on vet the day I got her that I had about three weeks to kittens ( this was based on size, not palpation) she was doing it as a favor ( she works at the banfield at the petsmart I work at and the kitty was abandoned at). A few days later, I took her to the vet to be combo tested ( so I knew that I could let her play with my other cats) the vet said that she doesn't think she's pregnant, but just had kittens. Well, three weeks later her belly is bigger and her nipples are still large and pink, she sleeps a lot too. I am not sure if she is preggers or not. The vet said it still can be a possibility and to have her rechecked(but I paid $75 to have her tested and examed the 1st time and can't afford another visit if unnessary). I discovered that she has worms yesterday(by the moving tapeworm coming for her butt, sorry TMI). Now I think her growing belly is due to worms. I have some pics and wondered what you think. She is still skinny other than the belly. My neutered male did try to mount her, but she would not allow it for more than a second, he only does it to her(it maybe cuz my other female is mean, hehe). She doesn't seem to be in heat at all and doesn't even meow at all. I was wondering if she is pregnant, can I worm her now or should I wait to see. How long should I wait? What should I do? Please help.
BTW- she needs a name, I just call her mama kitty!!!!
body shot on mama's first day here
this is her face, although the flash was a little bright
her belly the first day I got her
her belly two weeks after I got her
another belly shot two weeks after I got her
a few mins ago, three weeks after I got her
few mins ago as well, three weeks after I got her.
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Based on the pictures of her belly, it appears to me that she may have been nursing in the first pictures where her nipples are engorged and quite pink. As the time progression in the pictures seems to show, the nipples have decreased in both size and coloration, as though the milk has dried up.

You can only do what you think is the right thing to do at this time, but if it were me, I would go ahead and have her in to be spayed, wormed and vaccinated if necessary. I don't think she is pregnant or if she is, it is early enough in the term to go ahead with a spay/abort.
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thanks, once I can afford it if she's not to far along(if preggers) I will.
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