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the kitties

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I had to put Miles to sleep in october, so here's some of him <3

Here's molly most recently

here she is, admiring the stray kitten on top of the bush

I got Flaco from a friend in october, and Taylor from the shelter in feb. They get along quite well, but i cant say the same for the girl, she keeps her distance.

Taylor and Flaco

get out my tub

i got all three!

lazy bones

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i like that last pic
hi and welcome to the site
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Originally Posted by whereiend View Post
I had to put Miles to sleep in october, so here's some of him <3
Hehe, love this one! Sorry that he's not with you anymore, though.
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thank you
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Im so sorry about Miles. If you feel like it you can pay a tribute to him here Crossing the Bridge . This is certainly a community of people who will understand your loss. Rest in Peace Miles.

You have a very beautiful cat family. I love the grooming pics, that is so sweet! It looks like that little stray cat is wanting to come in, too.
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Miles is adorable, may he Rest in Peace I am so sorry for your loss
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Im so sorry bout Miles, he was such a cutie Hes playing happily over the Rainbow Bridge

What a bunch of cuties u have though, they are all so adorable
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I'm so sorry about Miles, he was a beautiful boy.
That little stray is a cutiepie too.

I'm in love with Taylor he could be my Lizzie's twin.
Sadly we had to have her put to sleep three weeks ago.
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