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Quality/Play Time With Your Cat

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I was just gettin' curious... How much time a day do you devote to quality time/play time with your precious kitty?
I usually spend about an hour myself with her... all-together, everybody else included, she probably gets about 2 hours of attention a day. I love on her and pet her and brush her and tell her what a beautiful little thing she is... And then we also play, of course! She has a yarn with a whole bunch of 4-inch pieces of yarn at the end, like a little tussle of it, that I made. I also have about 3 foil wads that I put in the dining room/kitchen (they have linoleum flooring rather than carpet, so they roll easier) and she has a BLAST chasing those all around! She also palys with her rabbit-fur-pom-pom-on-a-string, and her little stuffed stick I made... So anyway, how much time a day do you spend with your cat and what do you do?
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It depends on their moods and who is around. If all three are there, Benson won't play but watch. I usually use Da bird. Molly has her own balls that she walks around with. She much prefers playing on her own. Lucky is a little confused with the toys. He used to walk around with a sock at night.
Benson comes to us when he wants to play. We usually spend 1 hour at a time.
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I've never added it up, but it must be at least 2 hours per cat. Abby is always wanting to be brushed, even when I'm in bed. Chynna wants to cuddle 24/7. They both sit near me when I'm using the computer and I am constantly reaching out to scratch their ears or give belly rubs or paw massages.
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I spend 2 hours a day playing with the kittens. They get 3 hours total out of thier crate. Skye I spend most of my time at home with and Calamity gets attention whenever she wants it which usually isnt to frequently.
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Radar and Sonic probably get about two and a half hours a day playtime from Epona and myself though Radar would get more of this as he is more demanding and will attack feet if he doesn't get to play
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Each of my cats usually gets about an hour or more attention per day. Sassy generally doesn't play a lot because he is 15 years old and the old man of the house. He likes to sit on my knee after dinner and be petted and brushed. This generally takes place when Linus has his after dinner nap because Linus insists on getting up as well if he is not otherwise occupied.
Linus does demand more attention then Sassy and we have play time a couple of times each day. He is a retriever and loves to chase his ball and bring it back for me to throw. At last count he has about 15 of those little crinkle balls that are his very favorite. It is very cute in the morning because he will bring me one to throw before I actually wake up. If I don't throw it right away he assumes that is not the one I want and will go get another. Some mornings I wake up with 6or 7 laying on the bed beside me.
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I have never added it up, but I play with them throughout the day and especially before bed so they are not NUTS
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I have never added it up, but I play with them throughout the day and especially before bed so they are not NUTS
Same here. Mine are always so weird right before bed. It takes them a while to calm down.

As for the rest of the day, it all depends on them. If they want to spend time with me then I'll pick them up and cuddle with them. Most of the time they can't seem to get enough
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I don't specifically set aside any time to spend with my boys, but they get their quality time nonetheless. J and I will typically spend a good half-hour playing with Spike (our current favourite activity is racing from one end of the apartment to the other, with Spike chasing us -- a good workout for everyone involved, and Spikie just loves it!), and Oz, who is more of a lapcat, gets in a great deal of cuddle time and tends to sleep with us at night. His favourite place to sleep is wedged between the two of us, right up by our heads (every so often he'll reach out a paw, forcibly pin J down, and start grooming J's head).

Because I wake up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom, Spike and I have late-night cuddle sessions; if I sit with him for about fifteen minutes at around 3 am, he won't be as much of a pest later on (some mornings he starts clawing at the underside of our bed because he wants attention, so he gets kicked out of our bedroom around 3-4 am; if I sit with him for a bit before this happens, he's much quieter).
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As all my kitties go outside they are not as demanding as an indoor kitty might be But I do play with them, in the house and in the garden. If I'm doing anything in the garden all 4 cats normally join me and it turns into a play session
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we usually spend our evenings at home, so that is kitty quality time. mike even brushes them regularly. (he's turned into such a cat-guy ) i don't always play with them with wand toys. lately raven has been pretty quirky about that. i got out Da Bird, and he wanted to chew on & play with the wand end. he's so weird sometimes.
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