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*Warning!* Can it get any cuter? (pic heavy)

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Met up with my family at my sisters house to celebrate Father's Day. Decided to take my two healthy fosters for the trip. My nieces had a ball, and so did the kittens!

My middle niece reading Highlights to sleeping Houdini

Oldest Niece tucking Walter in with a soft doll blanket

Houdini gets his turn with the doll blanket
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Oh those are sweet sweet pictures of your nieces and the babies! Your nieces seem to be very gentle with the kittens, too.
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Awwww! I want to eat them! They are sooo cute!
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I luv the belly showing blanket one!
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oh I could so live with that little Houdini, what a cutie pie
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Oh that first picture is absolutely adorable!!
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That is just tooo cute for words! I love little kittens.
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oh my goodness!!! those sleepy kittens are just too cute for words!!!!!
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AWWWWWWWWWW what cuties
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Originally Posted by AuntSewissa View Post

OMG!! ooh that is sooooo beautiful!!
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Aww! How old are they?

They are soo cute.
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Oh my word!, they couldn't get any cuter if they tried
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Cute cute cute!
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oh my ! look at those cuties what a couple of fluff-bombs !
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They are just precious and your nieces are too
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Originally Posted by Brittany_Nicole View Post
Aww! How old are they?

They are soo cute.
Houdini (long hair) is about 8 weeks now
Walter is about 6 weeks.

They'll be up for adoption soon, if anyone wants!!
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I that last picture!!! They're all too cute!
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thats one chilled out kitty cat!!!!! i used to wrap up my kittens when i was little and put them to sleep in my dolls cot!
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How cute - looks like your nieces tired the kits out!
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OMG how cute! The little boo-boo looks exhausted from all the excitement!
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What adorable little boys you have!
Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping kitten - well, maybe a running kitten,, but who can ever get those photographs!Lol! Your nieces are great with them as well!
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My nieces are the best with animals! The oldest and her mother go once a week to the local PetCo and clean the Rescue kitty cages. It's part of her volunteer stuff she does in Girls Scout. They are so sweet and gentle with animals. The youngest still has some to learn about young animals. But she's only 4, and she likes to jump around. She means will, she just scares them. It was a great day for the two boys, they were sacked out on the way home (2.5 hour drive)!
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Sooo cute! Take good care of these adorable babies!!! ^__^

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