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getting the chop

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My cat is going to get the chop thurday, but, i want to know, the following things.

how much will he change?
how much bigger will he get?

atm, he is as tall as my hip, if he stands on his back legs. He is only 8/9 months old

how long tilll we can hold him?

also, how long can cats, not go to the toilet?
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Originally Posted by gaogier View Post
how much will he change?
how much bigger will he get?

how long tilll we can hold him?

also, how long can cats, not go to the toilet?
He shouldn't change at all. As for size that is hard to tell especially if he is not a pedigreed. You can probably hold him when you take him home. I have had cats not go potty for almost a whole day.
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aww I'm sure your boy is going to be just fine Male cats only have a tiny incision so they don't have has much pain or discomfort as maybe a female would. He might be a bit groggy from the drugs, but he'll be his perky self sooner than you think. His weight shouldn't change all that much.

Keep us posted and good luck vibes whizzing over for your boy !
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How much will he change? - Not much, although his urine won't smell nearly as strong a month or two after the operation, and he won't be trying to get out to mate.

How much bigger? - Hard to say without knowing if he has any particular breed, but generally speaking smaller refined cats (delicate looking long slender legs, body, and face) mature younger than larger cobby cats (legs shorter in proportion to the body and big boned, larger body size, round face), so while a 'refined' body type cat may be done growing by a year old, a larger 'cobby' cat may not reach full maturity until 2 years old or more. That's just a general rule though and does not always apply!

When can you hold him? - Check with your vet, but it should be OK to hold him when you bring him home, just be aware that he will be feeling a bit sore round his back end at first. When we brought Sonic home after his neuter he jumped out of the carrier and you wouldn't even know he had surgery that day, apart from looking a bit sore - his behaviour was completely as if nothing had happened, and he only looked sore for a day or two.

Good luck for the surgery, I am sure he will be fine and right as rain in no time, male cats usually recover very quickly from neutering as it's a minor procedure with a very small incision.
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do they remove them? is it possable to get it reversed?
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yes they are removed. A very simple procedure. No I don't think you can reverse it. Why would you want to? Intact males are just nasty. Aggression is possible and spraying their gross urine all over everything, plus mating and the possibility of spreading FeLV and FIV, believe me, you don't want to reverse it!
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its just the fact, that i know he can get it reversed, will make myself feel better.

I think its just a male thing, but if i was him, i would hate it, and the vet said, that they get this problem with most of the male owners
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He won't hate it - he won't know it is happening or has happened, and he will not miss anything. Men are always ultra-sensitive about this, but it is completely different with cats. Think of it like this: how would you feel if every time you went out of the house you felt blindly compelled to fight with every man you saw, even if you or he were badly injured? And then you had to have sex with every woman, regardless of how she felt? You would be exhausted, physically hurt quite often, and in no sort of control. That is what it is like for an entire male cat. He will quite simply be much happier, and so will those other cats he comes into contact with.
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how long till he is back to normal?
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Our Bruce was neutered on Monday, and he was feeling fine as soon as I brought him home that afternoon - bounding around as normal. I believe this is common with male cats so you should not have to worry too much.

Bruce has been licking his 'bits' a lot, but I don't think they have pained him much - he hasn't even objected to being picked up. His behaviour hasn't changed at all either - still a bit rough at times and definitly still boyish!

My husband felt much like you about the indignity of a boy cat losing such an important part of himself, but having seen how much more major a spay is than a neuter (Sheila, Bruce's sister, felt quite ill), he is no longer worried about Bruce!

Think yourself lucky you have a male cat! And do let us know how it goes!
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looks like he still has them...but alot smaller, it looks funny.

He still wont sit down right... but he never has.

He might need to go to the bathroom, but im sure, he cant, as he wont go in the litter tray, i think, he feels like he is too big.

2 weeks from now, getting all 3 vaxinated, and 4 months from now, getting, the kittens done.

My cat seems to be an outdoor cat, but i want him to be an indoor cat, (he gose out for a few hours at night)

He is right up in my face, trying to get me to open my window. But the vet said dont let him out, for 48 hours....he needs to go to the toilet what do i do?
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Supervise him and keep him in a smaller area (preferably somewhere easy-to-clean, like a bathroom) with a clean litterbox. You can put a little bit of another cat's (or his if you have it) poop in the box so he knows it's for pottying in. You'll want to supervise him if he's not housetrained though.
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Oh, he is litter trainned, just dosent want to use it, he would prefer to go out side. He will wait, for as long as he can, before he will go in the tray.

The night before, he didnt eat, but he had water, but didnt go and use the litter try, and then, he ran away from the vets, before the operation, and went in their flower bed...

he found away to get out side, and came through my window, about 40 mins ago.
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if you really want this boy to use his litterbox, i strongly recommend the Cat Attract litter. i think i already did, but my dial-up is insanely slo, & i didn't want to go looking for it!
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He will be okay. The sac is still there so he doesn't look funny. With my Seb, he was neutered at a year old. He is 11 now and I never saw his personality change. Since he is older, he plays less but his personality is purely Sebastian

You are a great cat dad! I don't think you will see any difference in your guy other than being less inclined to fight or mate.

When I get home this evening, I can help you with your siggy. Or you could post to the siggy request thread and the designers will help, too.
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He went out this morning, and i think he may of been in a fight.

Is this normal? He has had the chop.

How can i convert him, to an indoor cat?
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