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My cat's very odd behavior

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Ok, I have one for you. My cat chews on his tongue when he is drifting off to sleep. It is very loud. Any ideas why he may do this? A little background on my cat. He is about 3 years old. He part silver-point siamese. We've had him since he was about 8 months old and he has always done this. He is the dominate cat in the house. We only have two cats. He is not a mean cat at all, he has his quirks, of course. But this we can't figure out. His other "thing" is he doesn't like his right hip touched AT ALL, he will bite. We have had him checked by the vet, and all is well. But this tongue chewing thing has us baffled. Any ideas? Please?
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Are you sure he is chewing his tongue? One of my cats used to make really loud noises when he was first drifting to sleep...he was suckling....dreaming that he was nursing on his mother! Perhaps this is what your cat is doing.

Regarding the touching....that is odd...it sure sounds like a skin or nerve problem to me. I would ask for a second opinion from another vet if I were you.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your advice. I am absolutely certain that he is chewing on his tongue, not sucking. That is what makes it so weird.
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In regards to the hip touching, did the vet do a flea test? My kitty started having the same reaction. I would never have though fleas because there were no signs on her or in our home. Secondly she had had fleas when we lived in a different region, but she never had a reaction. He did a test on some tiny (I mean tiny tiny). The results indicated that fleas had been present. The kicker is she didn't have any on her at the time. The reason? The vet stated that she was having allergic reaction to the fleas. When cats have that reaction, the nerves in the skin become very sensitive. He gave her a shot as a temporary relief and then she went on advantage. We've since moved (our neighbor had dogs, figured this was the source of the fleas) and she hasn't had the problem. The advantage did the trick while we were still there. The vet said that when the cat is allergic to the fleas, she/he will immediately kill the flea, therefore I wouldn't see any on her or in our home. Just a thought.
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