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UTI? Trauma? Psychosis?

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My cat, Harold, is two years old. I live alone & work from home, and as a result he is very attached to me (unusually-attached even). He doesn't like it when I leave the house, & becomes uncomfortable & hides when guests come over, however these circumstances have never been an issue, until recently.
Although it's quite rare, he used to travel with me everywhere I went, but this stopped because he was always on edge in unfamiliar places, & seemed to do just fine being left at home.
I recently left him alone with a clean box, plenty of food, fresh water, & easy access to all his favorite spots in the house for 3 whole days, returning home on the 4th. It's been awhile, but he has been left alone for this long before in the past, doing perfectly fine. I returned home to find a very happy-to-see-me cat, as expected, & 3 piles of poop on his favorite screened in porch. I assumed he had just been upset with my leaving. Two days later I went out for the whole day, returning back home to my outdoor couch being peed on, twice. A few nights later my boyfriend came over for the night, which left me with two small piles of poop in the basement the next morning. Little mishaps like this continued, all seeming circumstantial. I took his misbehavior as messages telling me "you left me too long, I want you alone, I'm not happy & anxious it's gonna happen again". Things started to settle down for a day or two, leaving me no 'messages' until one night he got into bed with me, sat down for a few seconds, pawed at me until I looked at him, meowed at me, and jumped off the bed, running downstairs. He had peed all over where I thought he was just sitting. The idea he had a UTI crossed my mind but he did not seem to be in any pain while urinating; he meowed after he peed, to get my attention, not during. Did I traumatize my cat to get to this point?
Again, for a day or two he was a perfect angel, until yesterday when a movie crew shot inside my house. He hid upstairs in my room all day, unbothered by any & all strangers. Yes, he peed in my bed again. Twice. And then once the sheets were put in the wash and new sheets were put back on, he jumped into bed with me and did it again. This time though there was a small cry while he urinated...Did not sound like a sound of pain though. I'm pretty good at reading his tone, & this cry was a more moody/neurotic meow, than a ouch-it-hurts meow.

I'm calling the vet asap in the morning, but wanted to gather some info for my own sanity until then. HELP!!
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Glad to hear you are bringing Harold to the vet.
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Stress can definitely contribute to UTIs so I think it's good you're taking him to the vet to get it checked out. Pippin will sometimes poop a little while straining with a UTI, but it sounds as though Harold has been doing a full on poop, not just dropping little nuggets.
You might want to consider getting him a friend. Some cats just don't do as well as others as only cats. The companionship can calm them down and give them someone to play with, that way he's not so reliant on you.
Introducing another cat can have it's own issues, but it can have a lot of benefits to you and to Harold.
I would recommend a 2-3 y/o male neutered cat. I have had the best luck with incorporating them into a household. Orange tabbies seem to be especially good at bonding quickly.
I hope you get to the bottom of this. Pee on the bed SUCKS!

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