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Abandoned Scottish Flod in eastern NC

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This poor cat has been on her own in a trailer park for quite some time. She, at least we think she, was obviously someone's pet. She was very afraid and would not come near anyone for the longest time, but my friend has patiently made friends with her and is feeding her so she does not have to fight for her food any more. She allowed me to pet her last night and it was just heart breaking. Her poor coat is so raggedy and you can feel where she has been injured trying to survive. I cannot take her, and we are afraid for her living outside in this place where the maintenence people are so mean. They wanted to flush my Scooter down the toilet when I took him away and kept him. If anyone knows of a rescue or an interested party that would love a very sweet kitty that just needs a little TLC, please let me know. I would be glad to arrange to help get her to them. She is a grey tabby I think, I have not gotten a good look at her during the day, because I always go over there in the evening. Thanks!
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If I was closer I'd try and help. Good \\luck!
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Are you sure she is a Scottish fold and not just a cat who has/had a bad case of earmites and damage done (maybe by fighting) because she has been an outdoor cat for so long which is making her ears crumple over or maybe parts of her ears are even missing?
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I hope you find a home for this sweet kitty, please keep us posted on her.
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She appears to be a Scottish Fold. Her ears are folded closely to her head, and she is the right shape. I got a chance to look closely at her head when she let me pet her, and her ears do not appear to have been damaged, and my friend that has seen her in the daylight concurs. You can tell she was once a good sized cat, but is now skinny and in desperate need of a home she can can relax and get healthy again. She loves to be petted, and allows my friend to pick her up and put her in his lap. I would dearly love to take her in, but I just can't. I have nowhere to put her where she can be alone and get her bearings and my 4 would be mean to her. I had considered taking her to live in my yard until I can find her a home, but am afraid to take her out of the place she is accustomed to and have her leave and never see her again. She is being fed and resocialized now, but we are afraid for her to stay there much longer. My friend cannot let her in because he is caring for his elderly mom, and she goes crazy if an animal gets in her house.
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I recently had a similar situation. We had this poor cat coming around that was all matted and skinny. I fed it for a couple days, called our local humane society and they said they could take it. I dropped it off at their vet for neutering, shaving and any other vaccinations and treatments. He is now at the shelter (no-kill) and is waiting for a forever home. He is gentle and very sweet. I hope you will try to find a shelter to take this kitty so it can have a better life.
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If this cat truly is a Scottish Fold, or even a mix, maybe this group can help. Their based in FL, but the website says they have a network across the U.S.


Sending lots of vibes that someone is able to help this sweet girl.
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