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Tuna is bad?

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I have read on this site that feeding your cats too much tuna is bad for them....why is that? We always feed our cats regular canned tuna, and they have dry food available 24/7. Is it tuna bad because it doesnt have enough nutrition, or because tuna is generally bad for cats?

Btw today I bought regular cat food, havent tried it yet though.
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The mercury content in tuna is too much for cats to have it as an everyday food. A lot of canned tuna is also packed with too much salt for cats.

If you want a good treat for cats, try turkey or chicken baby food. As long as it does not have onion in it, it is a great treat.
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yellow fat disease is what I heard about when I thought about giving Ping tuna. Now its once or twice a year if that.

Here is an article: http://www.lenhumanesoc.org/Tips/ASPCA-Tuna.htm
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Regular canned tuna is deficient in some nutrients that cats need and has excess amounts of others. Here's a handy chart that explains it.


A good quality canned food is much better for your kitties. And FerrisCat made good suggestions for occasional treats. Here's a link to one of my favorite sites that discusses cat nutrition.

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Thanks everyone. So, I put the new food in my cats bowl and my dog eats it ALL, UGHHHH I hate that. He sometimes even does that with the tuna, and I had to open a new can. And I cant simply put the cat food higher or somewhere else....there is no room or space for anything, gah.
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I know some folks don't like their cats on their counters, but if you are dealing with a dog eating your cat's food, then perhaps you could feed your kitty on the counter where the dog can't reach it.
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Yeah, I agree. I feed mine behind a baby gate that my dogs are trained not to jump over. I also keep her litter box in there in another part of the room. That way the dogs can't eat her litter either (ew, I know)
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