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How much and how often do you feed your cats? - Page 2

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Jaffa has 250-300g wet food per day and Mosi has 150g wet food plus about 20g dry food. I give them 3 meals a day. I free fed Jaffa and his brother when he was a kitten but by the time he was about 7 months he would eat the entire days rations for both of them before I was out of the door in the morning, so that was the end of free feeding! I do think free feeding is good if you have cats that will control their eating, but meal times are useful when you have cats needing different foods. When I got Mosi, Jaffa was 8 years old so he was on adult food but Mosi was on kitten food for a while. Now, Jaffa has some senior food but Mosi always has adult food. I feed them both at scheduled mealtimes and watch over them to make sure they eat the right meal and don't switch places. As I feed mostly wet food I wouldn't want to leave that down for too long, and I dont want Jaffa to have any dry food.
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We're feeding 1/3 cup dry and 3 oz wet each, but I think Stan is eating most of the dry and Bella is eating most of the wet Most days there is some dry left over that gets tossed.

He does drink out of the kitty fountain more than she does, so I'm not worried about dehydration. I would like to eventually get them both on to all wet all the time.
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Originally Posted by KarmasMom View Post
I found this link, it should help with all the conversions and knowing the difference when we all talk about amounts we feed.

thanks ! strange that the 'cup' measurement never crept over here.......thanks for the link !!
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Originally Posted by berries781 View Post
we've been doing once a day and about 2/3 cup, but i'm not sure if this is the best way or not. what do you do? do you even control how much they eat? do you just keep their bowl filled? or do you keep a measured amount in there?
Every cat is different but since you asked, I just pour a large amount of dry food into their dining room tray and when one decides it is time to eat, the other rushes over and eats right along. They free feed all day long and I weigh them twice a week with baby scales and they never very by more than two ounces. Here they are:

(I have since removed that plastic liner in their tray, after receiving advice to do so.)
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Mine get 1 & 1/2 cup a day in grain free dry between the 4 of them and the two that will eat wet split one small can.

However, a quick side point that unless you know the nutritional breakdown of each food, knowing what others are feeding and the weight and health management needs of their cat probably wont help you. Even if you had 3 cats weighing the same and eating the same food, they could be needing different amounts depending on their activity level and if they need to gain / lose weight to be a healthy weight.

If you are worried about the amount you are feeding them, speak to your vet and they can give you a nutritional breakdown for your cats, that they should be getting x calories a day from whatever food you give them but it should include x mg of these specific things etc.
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