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skittish aby

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Thankyou everyone for replying to my questions about a new 14 week old kitten. He is doing much better - lies on our bed instead of under it, and my wrists are full of scratch marks from his playing. He still will not easily come to us and hop on our laps - but will come purring when it is feeding time and stand still for us to stroke him (he purrs like a tractor then!) - so it seems asif he will be okay. Our 3 daughters also spend time with him each day. He will sleep on our bed with us at night - slightly seperate from us. Am I right in thinking that abbys are not lap-cats, but active critters who would follow you around rather - they have quite an independent streak...
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Keep an eye out here for Frannie. She is an Abby breeder who could give you lots of insight. I will try and bring this thread to her attention.
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Ok here I come. Yes, I have abys and show them. Rene owns one of mine and he's an in your face baby. I do have 2 skidish abys but not from my lines. I don't know who the breeder is that you got him from and I will never say anything bad. Each breeder is different. I am the type that is home when babies are due and born (and my boss is wonderful about this), handle them every day, talk to them, call them by name right a way so they get to know their name, etc. A few suggestions and I'm sure Rene will help with these, first get a jar of Gerber's baby food (chicken or turkey) and give him a little on a spoon while talking to him softly. But just give him a little every day and not the whole jar. Call him constantly by his name and pat your lap so he knows it's ok to jump on it. It will take time, but they are very lovable cats. They are the closest in the cat breed to a dog so that's why they follow you around. There is a wonderful book out by Barron's about abys and you can pick it up at your local book store. If there is anything else I can help you with, just holler, I'll be there.


BTW, Sandy, I'm surprised that you didn't e-mail me or call me about this. But I'm sure you knew I'd be here soon.
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LOL Franni...I did e mail you about this. I also e mailed about NJ. Did you not get it? I sent them yesterday.
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Yes Sandy I got both e-mails but I read the boards before I read my e-mails. As for NJ, let me think about it so don't be mad if I didn't answer that one yet.

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