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I did it!

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Well, I'm a college educated woman now!

I graduated yesterday, in a lovely commencement ceremony. It was nice, especially since the only other time I've been to a commencement it was my high school class, which had like 850 kids, about 20% of which I knew. The Schools of Music and Theatre graduated together, with about 120 grads combined. I knew every single music major and about half of the theater majors. What was even more nice was that the profs who marshalled and announced us knew every single one of us, so I wasn't shaking a stranger's hand, rather I was shaking the hand of someone who had really helped me along this journey.

It was a really rough, exciting, wonderful, fun four years. I picked the hardest degree program EVER (music performance...cutthroat, busy, twice the work of any other major, intense as heck) and I really feel accomplished having gotten through it AND being employed in the field at the end of it. Yay!!!! I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Music Performance- flute. And the academic dress for Music is PINK and I was totally digging our pink tassels (to denote whether we were music or drama)

(me and my parents)
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Woo-Hoo!! Congratulations!! I can attest that music is the hardest major!! Way to go!! I was in band and had friends who did it. Congratulations again!! What kind of job are you doing now in the field?
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Congrats Allie!!!! OMG....the longest years of your life are over!
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Well done

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Well Done - it certainly looks like you have a very enjoyable day !!
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Congratulations Allie!

Graduating college is a major accomplishment, and something you can always be proud of.
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Woot! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations, Allie!
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Congradulations Allie!!! great job hon!!!
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Wow!! Good for you, you must be so proud!!

WTG Allie!!
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What a wonderful feeling! Congratulations - enjoy being a new Bachelor of Arts! Great pix.
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That's just wonderful! What a happy day for you -- and I loved the music you posted from your recital performances. You are a spectacular player!

And you look so beautiful, too. All the very best hopes and wishes for your career in music, Allie.
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Congrats! It's a wonderful feeling isn't!
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Congrats Congrats Congrats!
Three cheers for you, girl!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
What a wonderful feeling! Congratulations - enjoy being a new Bachelor of Arts! Great pix.
I'm actually a Bachelor of Music! So, we were a bunch of BM's and BS's (recording technology is a BS)...which we thought funny as our minds are in the potty despite our education The Theater School, which we graduated with, were BFA's or "been (foolin') around"

Ian just got his BA in Public Policy and Middle East Studies today!
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you!
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And how wonderful to have a job in what you studied
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heartfelt congratulations to you for your major accomplishment, no wonder you look so happy in the pics. I'm sure your parents are extremely proud of you too!
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Congratulations to you and to Ian! What fantastic accomplishments. Now you both are all set for the next step in your lives! You are a beautiful graduate, too!
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Big congrats!
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Congratulations Allie!!
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