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Oh boy, kittens!

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here. I found this site while doing some google searching. Last Friday night, after watching a movie, I was fast-forwarding through the credits when we heard loud yowling coming from out on our deck. We immediately thought one of our four cats had gotten outside, but when hubby went out to check he discovered a stray.

After some coaxing he was able to get her to come over and we fed her some canned food which she ate right up. Well, of course, being the animal lovers we are, we opened up our doors and she trotted right in and made herself at home.

She is young (we would guess about 1 year old), looks to be a cross between a tiger and calico, she is extremely affectionate and even likes our dogs (a German Shepherd and a excitable Boxer puppy). I don't think she's been homeless too awful long because she was pretty clean and only a little banged up. And, of yeah, she's pregnant!

I've been doing a lot of reading. Over the years we've taken in several strays, but have been spared having a pregnant female show up. I'm very, very nervous, because I've never dealt with birth or newborn kittens. I think she's pretty far along, because she's sleeping a lot and her belly is pretty big. Surprisingly, she's also been harassing our other cats, which I think might have to do with her being pregnant.

Wish me luck!! Any advice you can give would be appreciated!
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Good luck

What a lucky stray kitty <3
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You need to be feeding her kitten food, the higher quality the better. You need to make her some sort of box for her to have her kittens. The sooner you do this the better because you need to have her get used to it, like it, and feel safe when she's in it. My box was a regular cardboard one, and we cut a hole in the side for her to get in, and then we put a rug on top of the box. We put the rug there so that it help the box top closed-so that it was nice, dark, quiet, and secure for her. And also when she was delivering if needed that we help we could have opened up the top of the box. And that was a very handy feature. you also want to put something nice and soft at the bottom of the blanket for her.
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Since you dont know where shes been/came from, or what she has. I would keep her away from your other kitties, confined in another room. A bathroom maybe? Also so when she has her kittens you konw that if she doesnt have them in the box you make for her, she will have had them in the room you have her in.

If you can financially, get her checked out by the vet, so you know if she has anything that can be passed on to your otther cats. And also how shes doing in her pregnancy, and how far along she is.

Oh and I was wondering, are her nipples protruding ?
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Thanks for the advice. We have a large walk in closet - about 9' x 7.5', so we were thinking of putting a box in there and hoping she would feel safe and secure to have her kittens there. I know that we should take her to the vet, but I was concerned that after all the stress that she's been through, that a long car ride (we're pretty rural) would be an additional stress on her. We also have 2 ferrets and feed them IAMS Kitten Chow, so I'll start transitioning her to that.

And, yes, Keisha, that was our first clue that we might have a pregnant kitty instead of just one that ate a lot after coming to us after having not eaten well. Her belly just seemed full to me, but when my hubby picked her up and cradled her like a baby, we saw abnormally large nipples sticking out and hubby went "Uh oh!"
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The closet sounds really good for her! I'm sure she will like it, make sure to include the litter box and everything else. On the one side of the closet I would put the litter box, the other side the bed, and then alittler farther away from the bed the food, because she doesnt want to eat/sleep by the litter box.

Yes, I'm glad you will be putting her on kitten food.

I guess as long as she appears to be healthy i.e. no signs of worms or mites. or anythign ese, avet trip could wait.
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Welcome to TCS! I have added your kitty to our "Kitten Watch" thread here:

What is her name?
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how wonderful for you to take the poor dear in i second that until you can have her tested for diseases like FIV or FeLV it is best to keep her separated from your resident cats, and it might be a good idea to get her to the vet in say a week or so, give her time to settle, but being pregnant she really should see a vet- plus the vet will be able to give you an idea how many kittens to expect good luck!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Welcome to TCS! I have added your kitty to our "Kitten Watch" thread here:

What is her name?
Thanks for adding her! Her name is Janeway. All of our animals are named after Star Trek characters. Yes, we are TOTAL dweebs!!

We made a box for her today. She's non-committal at this time, LOL, but I hope she will get used to it!
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Just thought I would give everyone an update. We are still waiting for Janeway to give birth - must be she wasn't as far along as I thought! Last weekend we had a cool spell and took that opportunity to finish our guest bedroom upstairs (it was our bedroom before we built an addition). This has allowed us to move her (hopefully) birthing box upstairs. She has privacy, lots of room, freedom to eat her food away from the other cats (as of course they want the kitten food), and her own private litter box. She's gotten bigger (which I thought was impossible lol) and is sleeping a lot more. I have now through July 4th off, so it would be really convenient if she would have them tonight or tomorrow - yes, I know, it's not about me!!
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Love the name!! I'm a Star Trek fan myself.
Sounds like you guys are getting figured out. Hope things progress nicely for you all...
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How is Janeway doing? Any kittens yet?
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