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Just curious....does anyone else watch this show? It is on right after Friends on Thursdays and I get such a kick out of it!!!
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Debby my s/o and I watch it and I think it is hilarious!
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I just love it when he gets into it with the janitor! And Dr. Cox is such a hoot!!!! Man can that guy act!!!!!!
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I love Scrubs! Dr Cox is brilliant with his put downs
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The expressions on his face just kill me! :laughing: And I love that even though it is a comedy it still has warmth to it....you can tell they all actually care about each other....even the janitor...:LOL:
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I caught a few episodes and it's so well acted. I keep meaning to watch more but I tend to forget because it's on so late here
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WOW! and I thought I was the only one up late last night. LOL!
Yes I like to watch scrubs, but I'll only have one true love, Sex in the City. followed by friends and then scrubs...
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