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Had a heckofa scare last night......

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Well, last night we got home from the lake, and i went in to check on the kittens. They were out of food, so i went back into the kitchen and got them a can.

They are in my spare bathroom, and at 4.5 weeks, ruuning around now they made it out of the box that they were born in. Well, i was trying VERY hard to watch my feet, cause they LOVE to grab ankles and scratch. well, i shuffled my feet to turn to put the can on their plate and i heard a SQUEAK and felt fuzz, but it was to late. I had gotten the only girl

shr ran screaming, and i scooped her up, she was crying and gulping for air, i was in tears, and freaking OUT. I thought maybe she was jsut scared and hurt, so i held her for for a bit. she would calm down, the start flalying and screaming. I was scared beyond belief, and crying very hard, and telling her i was soooooo sorry!

So i called the emergency vet, and they said come right in. So i brought her in, and they put her in a oxygen tent. They came out to talk to me about 20 min later. Said that she seemed ok other then she sounded a bit moist in the lungs, so they figured bruised lung, and wanted to keep her in the oxygen overnight. i said ok, worried how i was going to pay for it being newly laid off.

then i saw a booklet about ways to extend payment on emergency care and such, it was a cc for vets so i applied. Got Approved!!! So i felt relieved for that, and we went home, for the vets to call in the am.

went home, had a shot to calm nerves, and went to bed. All this had happened at 11pm!

At 8 am, they called and said that she was fine, and able to come home!! I sent up my prayers and Thank-Yous, and went and got my baby girl.

$350 later for jsut a overnight stay in a oxygen tent, she is home, happy and biting my fingers .

Man, these lil critters cost more for one visit then i do all year, but i wouldnt change a thing!
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OMG how scary...thank God everything is okay with her, bless you, you must have been so scared
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Oh wow! I'm so sorry, but am glad she's fine now. I'm sure that was rather traumatic for you both.
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there are credit cards just for vet care? i need to look into this - my cards are always so full, because i buy other stuff with them. it'd be great to have one that only worked at the vet!
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here is the link to the card i got to pay for Tess's care.

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Thanks! i'm gonna check it out!
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oh heck, bet that was a scary few hours for you

I'm always worried about stepping on my cats tails when its feeding time, so goodness how you go on with a bunch of kittens that are full of beans and don't particularly look where they are going

aww I'm glad shes OK now, bless her and I hope you've managed to calm down now
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ty, i FINALLY have calmed down, now that she is home and safe. I feel soooooo guilty!!! so now when i move my eyes are on the ground, so im bound to bump into something, i cant win,,lol
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