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Testing my sig

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So here's my attempt at making a sig...I'm a newb at posting photos so I hope this works.
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I'm not seeing anything?
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Me either....does it take some time before the signature starts working? I just read the tutorial and did everything it said...upload to photo bucket, paste IMG link in CP, etc...

Any ideas? Like I said I'm a newb at this.
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I don't see anything either.
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I can't see it either, but this should help (as you made it yourself, skip steps 1 and 2)
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I didn't see anything at first, but now I see a little box with a red "X" in it.
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How about now?
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Yep, works fine (and within all the rules too )
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Yep, I see Miss Whiskers now.
She's a cutie.
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Yay, thanks guys

So now I just need to learn how to make the cool ones that all of you have...I am using Photoshop, what is the best tool to use to trace around the kitty if you want to drop them in a different background? I used the magic wand but it doesn't give a clean cut.
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Either extraction or magnetic lasso depending on your preference, and feather your selection before copying / pasting to new layer or extracting the background, it will help give an even look
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Great, I will try that next time. Thanks!

Now I just need to post more to show off Whiskers
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