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Will she come back?

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I posted at the beginning of the week on a stray cat that I took in. I took her to the vet to see if she was pregnant or not and he said that she was either in heat, coming into heat, or coming out of heat. I got her vaccinated and brought her back home. I was camping at the time so I just dropped her off at the house and left. My husband came home Friday night cuz he had to work and said she didn't come to the door. He looked around for her and didn't find her so I just thought that she was hiding. As soon as I got home from camping I tore the house apart looking for and still can't find her. I don't know how she would have gotten out. I have a broken window with cardboard over it til we get new windows installed, but I didn't notice any signs of her getting out of it. I've been calling for her outside today and last night and she's not coming. If I've only had her a week, do you think she'll come back? I had plans of getting her spayed, and had already talked to the vet about it. They printed up how much it would be, and we talked about doing it when I brought her back in for her booster in 3 weeks ( I hadn't planned on having a cat, otherwise I would have saved up the extra money to have it done when I took her in). I'm just worried about her I would have thought that she had stayed around or something. I haven't heard any meowing coming from anywhere so I don't think shes stuck somewhere in the house. What do I do?
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She is very likely hiding in the house still. There is the possibility that she got out, but hiding is probably very likely.
My friend got a cat from the humane society and let him have the run of the house. She got home after work, and couldn't find him anywhere. We finally tracked him down to the basement where he was sitting on top of the ductwork. We have no idea how he got up there. They are excellent at hiding so I'd do another search. Under the bed and up in the springs. On a high shelf in a closet. Tucked away in the tiniest spot. On top of the cupboards, behind the washer/dryer. etc
Leave out a measured amount of food at night and see if she eats or drinks while you sleep. She's more likely to be out and about when you aren't home.
If/when you do find her, confine her to one small room. She will feel safer being in a small space as it's less scary to them. Slowly incorporate her into the rest of the house.
I hope you find her and she didn't get out!!

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Its been 4 days now and no sign of her anywhere. I've called for her often outside through out the day and she doesn't come. I'm kind of beginning to think that she slipped out behind my husband as he was either coming into the house or leaving for work he works at night so it was dark out and he may not have seen her. I've looked all over this house, I've been checking the lost and found ads in the paper, and thought about going up to the shelter today. I could always adopt another cat, its just that I've put in quite a bit of money in her within less then a week. On a good note, I guess its a good thing shes vaccinated now.
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