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Oh no! I hurt Sammy!

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I didn't mean to. I was clipping nails and started with Addie, then George. Both are wiggle monsters when the clippers come out, but I did it. Then I went to do Sam. He's SO good and just sits for it. He's polydactyl so he had to be clipped often as a baby to make sure the nail wouldn't grow into his foot. That made him really tolerant of clipping. He also has these growths on the top of his footpad. I've spoken to the doctor and they're made of keratinized skin, so they're sort of like a callous that grows off the footpad. I went to trim a few of the long ones (they're just dead skin), but I clipped too close on one! It bled a little and I applied a q-tip with bactine. Sammy had some treats, then did his own licking at the site. Now, he couldn't care less.

I feel bad. It's not the first time this has happened, since Sam gets these growths quite prominently and I've clipped too close once before. I'm just going to do the q-tip/bactine thing once or twice a day so that I know it won't get infected from scratching around in the litter or something. I'll keep an eye on it, but I expect it will heal quickly. I just feel guilty. It was all my fault. He was sitting nicely and didn't even wiggle! And he even let me finish all the other paws without complaint after I had done that. He's such a trooper!
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Aww Bless both your hearts....He forgives you
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I'm sure he knows you didn't mean to. It must not have hurt him as bad as you think it would. Cats must have a high tolerance for pain like dogs do. He knows you are just trying to help. Don't beat yourself up over it...

It's easy to say this to someone else, but it's different when you did it, I know how you feel. He still loves you!
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What a great cat! He obviously knows you love him and trusts that you would never do him harm intentionally.
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Awww, he knows you didn't mean to..I'm sure he is fine
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Yeah, he knows you didn't mean it. He understands that well all make mistakes sometimes ~ Kiba
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