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How old is this kitten?

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Ok, on April 29th I got a kitten, Binx, and I am curious as to how old he is. The people who found him(he was a stray) guessed that he was about 7-8 weeks old, but I was thinking more around 10 weeks.

Anyways, here is a picture of when I got him:

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a vet can give you a pretty accurate guess, based on teeth, etc. has he had his 1st vet visit yet? he's gorgeous, BTW!
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He's going to the cet clinic next Sunday. He's getting his shots, a check-up, and getting spayed. I was going to get him fixed at the same time as my female cat, but some things happened and I had to change his spay date, so he'll be going in Sunday instead.
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Not seeing more of a full body for height, etc., he looks like 10-12 weeks to me - let us know what the vet says.

He's a very handsome boy - be sure to schedule that neutere appointment too
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Don't worry, he's getting neutered Sunday, June 24th. I'm dropping him off at 6:30 in the morning!

It's me and hubby's 2nd Anniversary, so hubby is taking the day of so we can do something special.
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I don't know if this will help any, but here's a pic of him with my hand next to him(so you can get an idea of his size):

Also, here's a pic of him that I took on May 24)3 weeks and 4 days after getting him):

In the pic he is wrestling with Bestia. She is full grown, but she's really small and only weighs 4 lbs. Maybe you can figure out how old he is in THAT pic?
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He looks about eleven weeks, but I'm not positive.
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Yeah still staying with the 10-12 weeks range. Poor little girl - only 4 lbs and full grown????? Was she a stray? Almost looks like she was born from a 4-5 month old mother and was kinda "stunted" as far as growth.

I've only seen another very small female like that (HHP class) where she was no more then the size of a 4-5 month old - turned out she was a product of a 4-5 month old kitten.

That's why it's so important to get the word out to the public and to the vets about spaying by 4 months old! Its like a human child of 10 or 11 years old having a baby!
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The female was a feral that I caught as a kitten. Her mother looks exactly like her(even the same size). The mama was owned by a woman who left her boyfriend(my neighbour) and when she left him, she left her cat too. Well, the guy didn't like the cat(becuase it belonged to his old girlfriend) so he kicked the cat out. Well, he only fed her a can of wetfood every once in a while, everything else she had to scrounge on her own. Poor baby.

I wanted to take the mama, but the guy wouldn't let me, so I took Bestia intstead. I tried to catch the 2 other kittens(I think they were boys cause they were both pure black, ya know the whole xx chromosone thingy, well, that made me think they were boys), but they were WAY to fast. I only caught bestia cause she was playing under the neighbours tarp(his front yard was full of garbage) and I managed to grab her though the tarp.

Meanwhile, I got a bite in the finger and a really pissed off kitten for all my troubles. :/

Anyways, sorry for the novel, but yeah, mama was really tiny too, so maybe she was young.

Bestia also never got all her teeth and the few she does have are in terrible condition(she doesn't let me brush them). Here's a pic of her yawning:

Thanks for all your help trying to figure out Binx's age, sorry for being such a bother.
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Am willing to bet there was more then a little inbreeding if she has other problems.
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No, there couldn't have been any inbreeding. The guy's girlfriend got the mom as a kitten, she didn't get her off the street, so there are no "relatives" nearby that could have bred with her. Also, it was her first litter(at least, that's what the guy said), so there were no sons to breed with. There was a black cat that wandered around in the alley, I'm thinking that's who she bred with since she had 3 kittens, 2 were black and the thrid was Bestia and on of her back legs in entirely black, lol.

It just seems like she grew to about 3-4 months and just stopped growing from there. It's weird. I took her to the vet and he said that she's perfectly healthy, just small. He also said that he sees alot of shorthaired torties that are small. I've noticed that too, it seems that all the torties I see seem to be really small.

All of you older memebrs may remember that Bestia had kittens(long storry, summed up: she escaped the house and it took me weeks, almost a month, to get her back because she still acts like a feral and doesn't come when called. Also, we were living in the mountains of NC at the time and, well, there are a LOT of places for her to hide there,lol). Well, a little more than a months ago I took back one of her kittens because she wasn't getting along with the woman's toddler and the toddler kept pulling her hair and then Cleo, the kitten, would bite the toddler, so she couldn't keep Cleo. Anyways, she actually had 2 of Bestia's kittens, Cleo and Skitzo. Well, Cleo is HUGE now(their 10 months old) and yet Cleo is still really small, only a tiny bit bigger than Bestia. They are both fixed and are both girls, the only difference is that Cleo is a a calico and Skitzo is a dilute tortie. Isn't that weird? I think maybe the tortie gene carries with it a "dwarf" gene or something.
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Oh yeah, the kittens are the ones in my siggy. Cleo is the one on the left and Skitzo is the one on the right.
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Tortie genes do NOT carry "dwarf" genes She may be a product of inbreeding herself and as a result your little girl was part of that gene pool. Or it could have been a mutation in the mother of your cat's genes that caused it.
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No, Skitzo was not a product of inbreeding. Bestia's mom and brother lived in IN, Bestia got pregnant while we lived in NC, inbreeding is impossible.
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Then if you are positive there was no inbreeding involved, it had to be a messed up gene that was passed on.
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Poor little bestia.

That's ok, I love my little messed up kitty! She's my baby(thus the name "Tortiebaby", lol).
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