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too many dead chipmunks

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Hi there,
I have 2 cats who pretty much live to go outside. We just moved to a rural area a couple of months ago and they are killing chipmunks right and left. It's upsetting because we love the wildlife AND we love the cats! I know that hunting is instinctual for cats and the only way to stop them is to keep them inside, but is there another solution? They are wearing bells but it's not enough.

Does anybody know of any solutions or products that will allow cats to be outside but not kill the wildlife?? I'd appreciate any of your comments or suggestions.

Kooshie's Mom
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in my experience the ony way to stop this is to keep the cats inside. it'll take approximately two weeks for a cat to stop begging to go outside once you decide to keep them indoors only. otherwise, the chipmunk massacre will continue. also, don't be surprised if some day you aren't paying attention enough and actually let the cat in the house with a chipmunk in her mouth. this happened to me. i was half asleep and heard her meow. i got up, opened the door, and let her in. i didn't notice the chipmunk she had knocked out cold and was sitting on. as soon as i opened the door, she picked up the chipmunk and ran into the house. i freaked! the chipmunk was still alive! i wrestled it away from her, and the chipmunk then escaped into my house. now i love wildlife and wanted to save the chipmunk, but at the same time, ending up with a live chipmunk in your house is not good! they are very destructive and can eat through wires, walls, almost anything! my advice is to just keep the cats inside for the good of all.... :-) good luck!
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