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Demetri had his second show today, it was a fun day with wonderfully humorous judges who kept up with all the kittens funny antics
They said some lovely things about Demetri including 'wonderful, spectacular, excellent'

The results:
Ring 1 - Best of breed Devon/Cornish/Ocicat
- 5th best kitten

Ring 2 - 2nd best of breed Devon/Cornish/Ocicat (no award given but mentioned by the judge)
- 5th best kitten

Ring 3 - Best of breed Devon/Cornish/Ocicat
- 5th best kitten

With his breed rosettes

I was told that since he's the only Ocicat, he cannot compete and win by himself so they will be putting him in with other cats. (GK - the Devon was Sarah's )
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Way to go Demetri!
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What an excellent show he and you had! Well done!!!!!

Aren't our Sh cats just wonderful!
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Congratulations! Demetrius looks very proud of himself!
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OHHHHHHHHHHH congrats - very well done! Way to go Demetri

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How fun! Grats to Demetri!
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WTG Demitri! Congrats Amanda!

Looks like he is interested in playing with that one rosette!
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Congrats!!! He's done so well, you should be proud With all this practice, he's going to charm the pants off those judges once he's an adult!
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go Demetri! I love the photo with the pink/red ribbon. Looks like he is saying
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Thank you everyone
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Congratulations he looks like he deserved them all
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Demetri, you're one handsome boy! Congratulations on your success.
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