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Does anyone know why..

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Two of my cats like to lick wood. It's seems they like stained, finished wood. I've caught them licking a oak chest, doors, and the trim around windows in the house. I catch them doing it alot. Anybody know why? It's weird, lol.
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Hmm I never heard of this, but heck my one cat licks photos and my other is obsessed with plastic or tape from a package. Maybe someone will come along and there cat does the same thing.
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Those two love plastic bags and finished wood. I know about the plastic bag fixation, but the wood.. just the strangest thing.
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Cats licking plastic is common as you said, but I haven't heard about licking finished wood. I would ask the vet if there is any danger to them doing it. If you want to be safe, maybe put apple bitters on the areas they are licking to discourage them from doing it and maybe getting sick.
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good idea. i'm going to do that. i am concerned about it. they've done it in 2 different houses.
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It might not be the wood, but whatever it is that you polished the wood with that they are licking.
My Gracie LOVES orange scented furniture polish.
Everytime I used it to dust the furniture she'd come right along behind me and lick everything I just dusted.
I know cats aren't supposed to like citrus, but Gracie loves the smell and taste of oranges.
So I bought a lemon scented one and the problem was solved.
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Gizmo likes to lick the bedroom/closet doors, all of which are wood. I don't polish them however so I don't really know what the appeal is. If he starts doing it though I usually stop him, mainly because the sound of his tongue licking the wood really annoys me.
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One of my cats likes the door ways, another likes plastic pages while my youngest is obsessed with newspapers. Who knows why i think it is a comfort like chocolate is for some of us.
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I'd hate to think they might get splinters from doing that! It might be a form of "pica" - put some Bitter Apple spray on the wood to discourage them.
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